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Ex Girlfriends tend to resurface at later dates

One of the many things learned while dating Colombian women has been the fact that no matter how bad the breakup was, an ex girlfriend will resurface like nothing ever happened. I know this sounds strange because in our western culture when we break up we … [Read More...]

Why we miss Colombian ass so much

Surely I do not speak alone when I say that after 3 or 4 months of being back in the United States I get a urge to go back to Colombia right away or as soon as possible. When these urges come around we wonder why so much and basically it all boils down to the … [Read More...]

Dating ad complication differences between cultures

While I stopped dating American women in my early twenties, I have heard all the stories from my friends that continue to try the local dating scene. The same way we use cupid for meeting Dominican or Colombian girls which I have to differentiate from the word … [Read More...]

The One That Got Away, Most Have Experienced

As time marches on every now and then we run into an old girlfriend that we once had but we let her go. Why did we let her go? Things happen, could be for many reasons, I will later explain my reasons but for everyone its different. It could be because we just … [Read More...]