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Seems Promising for American Women

Watched this interesting video this afternoon and noticed and there a few things that caught my attention to start with. First off I have written about this allot in Colombiahelp that it's not about looks at all. I wrote about my old friend … [Read More...]

New habit shockers from different cultures arriving

The first thing I am going to hear is the fact that Americans have bad habits as well and I will be the first to say that we all have bad habits. Only some habits that are coming will shock us as they can be disgustingly bad. I am walking through a hallway … [Read More...]

Taking off work for Birthday yes or no?

I had a great laugh this morning with a friend of mine that is in retail management. It is one of the massive cultural issues that will be coming soon to a city near you also. Lets say you have a business and are no longer allowed to hire Americans or I should … [Read More...]

Ex Girlfriends tend to resurface at later dates

One of the many things learned while dating Colombian women has been the fact that no matter how bad the breakup was, an ex girlfriend will resurface like nothing ever happened. I know this sounds strange because in our western culture when we break up we … [Read More...]

Why we miss Colombian ass so much

Surely I do not speak alone when I say that after 3 or 4 months of being back in the United States I get a urge to go back to Colombia right away or as soon as possible. When these urges come around we wonder why so much and basically it all boils down to the … [Read More...]

Dating ad complication differences between cultures

While I stopped dating American women in my early twenties, I have heard all the stories from my friends that continue to try the local dating scene. The same way we use cupid for meeting Dominican or Colombian girls which I have to differentiate from the word … [Read More...]