My Thoughts on Group Introductions and Dating Events

The thought of group introductions being in a party setting with a hundred different women, how bad could that be. It sounds really good and it sounded good to me too years ago as it really flourished. I remember watching videos of 10 to 12 guys in a room full of 100 beautiful Ukrainian women and thought holy shit that must be amazing and it probably was for those men. Those men probably never even sat next to a beautiful woman like that in their lives so crazy to think they sat next to 10 that night.

Surely these guys were balls deep in a beautiful woman each of those nights and if I had to guess in most cases it was the first girl that wouldn’t let them go. These women do these dating events often and they know far too well that when the guy is gone he is gone into the crowd probably forever. They will work their magic to keep that guy right next to them the entire night.

The good and bad on dating events

The cons of dating events:

I have learned over the years the main reasons why these events are no good for men serious about meeting wives. Some could argue, especially those that have these actual events but I have strong feelings as to why they are no good and after seeing the results for so long, it becomes obvious there is an issue.

To start with a guy gets overwhelmed immediately, too much going on. Nobody is real, these girls if not already professional daters, showing up at each and event or social begin to learn all about gringos and the reactions they have to certain things, they learn to get you right there. They learn what you want to hear, they know what you are looking for, they know you are horny and that you probably hadn’t had a piece of ass in a while, they know you spent over a g note in order to do the social to begin with. Also there is probably only a handful of men in which they studied each ones profile prior to going. So they already know you and about you in most cases.

That’s allot of intel they have a guy as soon as he walks in. More intel than what I would want for a potential wife to have on me personally upon first meet. It clogs reality and pressures everyone to make correct moves. It makes the girls super fake and in full manipulation mode. You will never learn the truth about a girl at a social. That girl is much different in real life.

Secondly the vulnerability of men from the USA trying to be that gentleman. This type of gentleman thing is very tough to break through that culture and seen as an open ticket to abuse by these professionals. Men that use the gentleman thing that has been learned over the years in a USA situation get slaughtered. In fact I would go as far to say they will have a very small chance of meeting a good Colombian woman as the outer layer of bad women will engulf them. Dating in foreign cultures is no time to show the gentleman like thing that we learned so much over the years. These girls must snap out of that “take full advantage mode” and there are a few ways to do that.

  • Make out with another chick while you are talking to her. This lets her know you cannot be controlled or ruled by her manipulations or cock grabs under the table.
  • While in conversation, take a walk to the bathroom and begin chatting up another one on the way and stay there for a while. Leave the first one waiting.
  • I could probably think of a thousand things to do, no it’s not being dick. Its marking the territory, letting it be known that you will not be taken advantage of and that you are in fact a man. Grab another chick and suck face with her, who gives a shit. Will she be hurt about it? No, she will be shocked and immediately realize holy shit, did he just do that.

A huge problem today is that men do not see woman as powerful as they are. Men to this day continue to feed into the bullshit and put them far up on pedestals. When in reality they are fully in charge and abusive, they take full advantage of the desperate man, they take advantage of the lack of pussy. They know exactly what they are doing and you men continue to allow that to happen and end up in highly problematic relationships or one sided relationships. Don’t be a “gentleman” (pussy) in foreign dating. You better realize real quick that these are piranha and will eat you alive as you are.

Another bad thing about dating socials is that if you went from table to table and met all the girls you have hardly enough time to really get to know each girl and make solid decisions. This is not speed dating in the USA where you meet booty calls in a minute or under. I mean it can’t possibly be for anything else. Under a minute doesn’t even allow time for the aura’s to match.

The good about social dating events

It’s not all bad but it does become very expensive for mass introductions for what they are worth. How do you how many introductions the girl you are speaking to went to that year or how many years she has been going. How do you know how many foreign cocks she has sucked over the time she has been going to these introductions? Very hard to tell. Although her friends will rat on her as they do that often in collective cultures.

  • It gives an opportunity to break the ice with a culture you know nothing about. To meet up close and personal what these girls are like. Probably gives you a chance to get laid much faster than what you would have dating one at a time.
  • It is good for those that are on the insecure side, allows for them to go with friends rather than one on one. Perhaps those struggling with language issues allows for translations with the in house translator.
  • It allows for men to quickly see how manipulation works if they allow the big head to actually think clearly while surrounded with women.

When people e-mail us and ask us about these socials, these are basically my thoughts on them. I stay strong on the traditional cupid sites and spending time up front getting to know them before the trip.



Waiting for my Colombian Bride After the Wedding

I had a few more days to gather everything while in Colombia the few days proceeding the wedding. No, we were not doing a honeymoon just yet, we planned on doing a honeymoon later from the USA once we were living together. Not to mention all the trips I had taken to Colombia prior to the wedding seemed like a honeymoon in itself. We went to that place with the snow in Manizales, we went to the big lake area about an hour from Medellin, I can’t remember the names. We spent a weekend at a beautiful finca house. We did allot together and the relationship was excellent for the most part.

We always had good times when I was visiting despite the fact that prior to the marriage I continued dating. I will say though that right after the marriage that was it, no cheating at all. many of you out there may feel that even while dating it’s better to be faithful. I will agree in the USA or if I was a multi millionaire with years to spend dicking around with the wrong girls. However in my case, an average working guy, I had to make every moment of my trips so they were worth the time and effort. Not for getting laid but for being sure I had found the right one to live with. All you gentlemen out there that feel staying faithful from the point of dating is going to help your success then more power to you. I will warn you though that the girls you are dating are far from angels, so be warned that you may be using that nice guy stuff and it may be getting thrown right back in your face.

The waiting begins after marriage

I was on a strictly limited budget as spoken of earlier. I had to limit and thoroughly plan my trips so I knew that after the paperwork was submitted that I could only travel once more in a 6 month period. But hey we were married and we could both handle a few months while we were getting ready to spend our lives.

We spoke daily and every single night before bed on her home phone. She lived with her mom and brother whom I seemed to get along with, however looking back I know clearly see that I was an obstacle for the single mom moving forward. She had no intentions of her daughter moving to the states and she was determined to collectively stop her daughter from doing so.

A month or so passed and we continued talking daily, but the evening times started to change. The home phone began to develop problems and I could not get through. However when I did get through there was always an excuse. In fact she told me that the mom was demanding that “she” pay an excessive phone bill as the receiving calls were expensive. Weird to me, I did not know that calls cost money to receive on home phones? The mom was starting to pressure her for money as she knew that would have an impact on our relationship. She started to ask her for rent since she was now a “married girl”. She started to ask her for other types of things as well.

I thought what the hell? Why can’t she just relax as the papers were getting closer each day. Stop molesting your daughter or better yet extorting her into problems. While the calls were still going well in the daytime, there was always something new for this or that type of contribution. I quickly realized that the mom didn’t feel the same way for me as I did her, she obviously had an agenda to ruin her daughters gringo/ Colombian relationship.

Now for those of you claiming it is because I was unfaithful and this was karma, you are very wrong. Whether a saint or not, nothing would have changed these events. It began turning to hell but I was so far in at this point I continued to listen to the excuses of the internet on so the phone not working. Or the phone wasn’t paid for the excessive speaking on it since I had not sent money. I am a fighter and will fight for any relationship I am in, I knew that this marriage would be fine as soon as she got here to the states and away from those that are corrupting her.

It was now about 2 months passed and no word on the interview, but I did make reservations to fly in and visit for a week.

Arrived for a Medellin visit half way through the visa waiting process

I arrived and she was at the airport waiting for me, it was great getting to the hotel and having some alone time. I was there with my wife and the feeling was great. She was a beautiful very natural girl, no fake tits or any surgery. Looks wise, to be honest I expected a very distinct look that I had hoped for when venturing in, but I ended up with her as her personality seemed to go the best with mine.

There was no talks of money as she knew I would drop her a couple hundred thousand pesos upon leaving and while I was there, I paid everything as usual, but I did not offer to pay any of the moms bills. I agree with this website and paying an additional family member just because I married a daughter is not correct and I refuse to do so. We had spoken about that early on in the relationship and the mom does Ok with her job and really does not need the extra money. It was just par for the coarse to wring a gringo as much as you can. I guess this is the stance taken one someone marries a gringo, the  questions will come into her, where is the money. Oh he should pay that, he is your husband. Does the same happen when a daughter married a Colombian? I don’t know but I highly doubt it. I think that gringo’s have a certain money perception that is normal.

One of the early evenings her moms house had a party for a nephew and around 50 people showed up whom I met, some new and others I had already met over the time spent at her house. I was very observant of most people who showed up and spoke to many of them, there were several there that were not at the wedding. During the trip there was no real changes, everything seemed great, fun, discussions about the finalization of paperwork for the interview, about life in the states and normal things.

The week was over and I was back in home in the freezing cold. Medellin has some great weather for those of you looking for a warmer getaway but not too hot.

Oddly enough upon arrival the calls were normal, however we went right back into the problematic home phone which never really concerned me as much as it should have. In fact while there over the past week I did note that the brother was on the computer a few times, but not so much at late evening time. It was starting to smell like BS. She is my wife so how bad could it be.

This continued on for a month or so and I dealt with it, not happy about half the evening calls working and the other half having to deal and believe. I called the next afternoon her cell phone and she was in the hospital from a moped accident. She doesn’t drive a moped, nor does she have friends that do. She takes the bus everywhere so this was also very concerning and even more so was the time she mentioned.

She said that her brother needed something at 8am and she went for him because I asked her where it happened and the whole thing was strange. She got better and I believed her as most Americans would.

The next weekend she tells me she is going on a short weekend vacation with her mom, her moms boyfriend and his brother. This started to get real strange, even though she stayed on the phone with me while they were all together, why would she go almost like 2 couples with the mom. Weird shit going on but she said no, no big deal that this guy was married and so on but his wife was at her home place in another part of Colombia and the brother was just visiting that weekend. I dealt with it, not happily but I got over it.

The letter arrives and she is given a number to call to make the appointment

So now we are getting close, the appointment was made for like a month later. She gathers what she could but most of the stuff had to be done in Bogota including the medical. She makes appointments with everyone. She pays for the card at the bank in order to make the call or something like that.

I was not able to make it so she went to Bogota with her dad and it took about 3 days total and they mailed her the visa. We bought her a ticket for around 2 weeks out.

Too long, have to continue on next post for later.

The Wedding Surprise in Colombia

It was not a regular day in Colombia, it was a fourth or fifth trip and it was an important trip. It was a trip that was planned for several years prior that finally had come to fruition. It was a long awaited move away from American single hood, it was a move away from dozens of beautiful women in Colombia over the last several years and morning has finally arrived as the suit hangs in the hotel closet for the wedding day.

It was a wedding to take place in Medellin, it was planned for about 4 months and the engagement was around the same time, but the dating had commenced 8 months prior.

A look back at the Colombian dating scenario

No question, the dating scene had its up and downs, one of the biggest obstacles was that something was really bothersome with each girlfriend. It was a gut feeling that it just wasn’t right. Beauty was not an issue, the pussy was there, in fact another huge issue was right after I started seeing one girl another came along that felt better than the last and this cycle seemed to never end. It was almost as if it was a sign to move on and finally this one came around that was just ultra cute, had a super smile and funny personality. We really got along great and what seemed to be better than all the rest since the dating commenced. Don’t get me wrong, there were nights we were together when I just had that super gut feeling to walk away. However the pure cuteness, the innocence and the laughter kept me on that line.

I got engaged to a Colombian girl

The time had come and I just felt that the girls wouldn’t get any better that this. I got engaged and we set a date and made the decision to get married in Medellin. The date was a while away so as I was in Colombia I continued to meet and talk with other women. Yes, it was cheating but like I said, it was not perfectly right and I had to get to the bottom of what the real issue was so I figured if I continued to date other girls I would perhaps learn more about this very different culture. I found it amazing that even after dating 30 girls, the issue had to be deep seeded. It was a major cultural clash is what it was but I was convinced that it couldn’t be all Colombia women. I made a decision to not be faithful until we actually got married and that is how it went.

Soon before the wedding

The wedding was creeping closer and to be honest, I still wasn’t completely convinced I was making the right decision. There was just things that would make my gut hurt, no cheating or prostitution thoughts or anything like that. Even though I continued dating and met several very interesting women moving closer towards wedding time, I continued on with the relationship as the plan went. The whole reason I got engaged to begin with was the fact that I was sick of dating so much and wanted to find a great girl to take back to the USA with me and start a family. So while all this is fun and the experiences are amazing, it still got old and it was time to tie the knot.

It was about 3 days before the wedding and I met with a friend for lunch. He had a cousin with him who happened to be this very attractive tall 5′ 9″ girl around 24 years old. We sat and talked for the lunch and even after. I got along great with his cousin, we sat, laughed and enjoyed the lunch very much. We talked about my upcoming wedding that was happening this coming Saturday. We talked about my fiance and life in America.

The morning of the wedding has arrived

The morning of the wedding was here, I awoke alone and sat up in the bed turned on the TV and less than 10 minutes passed and the phone rings to the room telling me that my friend was on her way up. I thought my friend…. Who the hell was that! The subtle knock at the door happens and I walk over and it is the cousin of the guy that I had lunch with a couple days prior. I open the door and she comes in. It was early and my ride for the wedding was not until later in the afternoon as the wedding was an evening wedding and ceremony all together. We sat on the side of the bed and I asked her what’s up. She said that she had been thinking and couldn’t resist talking to me once more before I got married. She moved in for a kiss that seemed to last for 20 solid minutes. It was an awesome kiss and kind of felt like she was simultaneously sucking my lip and her tongue tasted beautiful. She was a clean beautiful looking 24 year old Colombian girl, in fact much prettier than most of the girls I had dated over the many months of dating.

As we kissed on the bed, the thought of my wedding seemed to flash through my mind as I was being seduced in my hotel bed on my wedding day. As the kissing commenced, I slipped her out of her shirt where she stood with very small tits and stood her up to get rid of those jeans and panties at the same time. She was naked on the side of my bed and the kissing continued, what was strange was that I was actually worried that my lip would be swollen as she sucked it so hard. It was the first time I had felt kissing quite like that. I start to lay her on the bed and she rolls over once in which i see this perfect naked ass in front of me and I go down on this super clean, ultra fit babe and still can’t believe what is going on and even more what day it was. She squirmed and moaned and wanted to kiss again so she pulled me up and started sucking on my lips again and I began plowing her, and while surely it was the ultra sin, it was nothing short of amazing.

This play continued for the next hour or so, soaked in sweat two loads and a few face slaps with the little head later we are laying side by side and she begins to ask me if I am actually getting married, I said that I am almost reluctantly. She asked me how I felt about what just happened and I said amazing, shocked. She began kissing me again, she loved to kiss more than any other girl I have ever dated. She was like a kissing machine.

She asked me how I would feel if she should go to the wedding, i said I really don’t think that is a good idea. She asked me to cancel the wedding to go out with her. Talk about a curve ball on a big day. The worst part is that I actually almost considered walking away from my wedding. Had I not had the major gut feelings I would never have even considered this and probably this session would not have happened. It was a temptation like no other and very hard to resist. Also just the thought of having sex on a wedding morning with a strange girl is whacked but whatever, this is Colombia and the girls do much worse to us.

Just 6 hours later, the wedding moved forward and we were married. The next post we will discuss the actual marriage with this girl and what happened.


Juggling Dates While on A Trip

By now after reading tons of articles on dating in Colombia you should know that to go just for 1 girl or even 2 girls that you have spoke to by chat or phone only is a complete waste of money and a trip. Not for the same reasons you may be thinking but more for the simple reason that 9 out of 10 times those girls you chat with before the trip will not be girlfriend or wife material. Within a week of dating you will learn real quick exactly what I mean.

Today assuming you follow along the way you should date in Colombia in order to later be successful without wasting a lifetime of time with women that just can never be good wives but yet make you feel good, give good head, have perfect doggy style views, beautiful hair, proper pussy hygiene and so on. Although the above sounds good to a guy that has been getting screwed around with by feminists all his life, but in reality a good wife goes much further than sexuality. If you marry for sex alone, you are doomed.

The best way to juggle dates for me

Now first thing to remember is nobody owns you, although you are dating and things are going well, she still does not rule what you do although she will try like hell, but truth is you still have 10 more dates to go on and allot of work ahead of you.

Let’s say you have a late lunch date and an early dinner date set up on a weeknight. The lunch date is going well and you start kissing and want to bang but your early dinner date will be at the hotel in only 2 hours. While she doesn’t own you, it is still important to not let her know you are testing the waters, always better to do that privately. My suggestion if you are having a beautiful lunch that is getting warm to grab a taxi to the nearest love motel. This way you can see if this girl is potential wife material in the bedroom also. I know you won’t marry a girl first without at least a small whiff down below. better off just banging if things are right. Remember she is expecting that if things start heating up. She wants the kiss to follow through to a sex session. Don’t let the life long conditioning tell you otherwise.

I remember having this scenario the first time and the girl was not expecting me to tell the taxi to go a love motel, but when she realized it she couldn’t be happier. They love when a man takes initiative. None of this shit, should we go to a motel? or what do you want to do? This is not initiative, this is a guy that is afraid to take the lead, afraid of denial.

Nothing wrong with a nice lunch and an hour sex session in the love motel. If she asks why not at the hotel, just tell her you are meeting a friend in a couple hours and didn’t want them see you with her so soon at the room or be creative. In essence you are not lying, nor are you cheating.

After you are done with the hot sex, wash up and call two taxis, tell her you will call her tomorrow. Your dinner date may be in the lobby waiting for you. Just take her up to the room and jump in the shower. If you did pretty good screening they won’t be a thief to rob you in the room, in fact I have never had that kind of thief before. It is a different kind of robbery manipulation you will be looking for. The small time robberies will happen on the street, atms or taxis usually, unless you have chosen some real whores without any type of screening. If you don’t like the way she looks tell her to wait longer in the lobby if you don’t feel comfortable or even tell her sorry, and give her a couple bucks and tell her something came up.

The lunch dinner scenario sometimes overlaps so you have to compensate in those cases that go all the way. What does JetBlue do? They overbook every time and figure it out on the hip.

If all this sounds too harsh for you, or too fast for you. I would venture to say that a wife search in Colombia will probably not work out for you. This is how it has to be done otherwise you will just get trampled over left and right and before you know it, 50k down in trips and NO wife.

The Novelty Factor from a Colombian Girls View

After having a small dinner and a few drinks with some friends last night at my house, I asked two of them, one from Colombia and another from Morocco if they understood what we call the novelty factor which they didn’t until I further explained.

You know when an American or someone from another foreign country shows up in Colombia the girls will give him preferential treatment and usually go out of their way to please him or easily date him quickly among other things.

Immediately she made a pfffss sound and said, yes it used to be like that. She said but has not been for a while, so I asked why and she said well now we know how they are, that is gone. They come to our country for sex but yet, do not want to have sex with the prostitutes but find good girls to have sex with and leave. So it was after that many years of this that the novelty factor is gone. The families begin to hate Americans passing through. The media does not help and blames the entire sex tourism thing on Americans which is completely false. Simply proven that prostitution flourishes in cities of Colombia where no foreigners go. Those places are filled daily with locals as foreigners as stated do not even need to go to those places set up on many corners throughout the cities.

The Moroccan jumps in and said, most of the foreigners that go to Morocco from Europe or the Middle east are disgusting trying to meet with school girls and under aged girls and boys for there pleasure. They take advantage of our country and travel just for that. I jump in and ask doesn’t Morocco have prostitutes everywhere for this, she says yes but they also try and feed off of the innocent girls which made us see them much differently. She further stated that she hates these men and noted which countries the men were the worst.

They both noted that their are exceptions to this but very few as one of them has a sister who married a foreign guy from Europe.

It seems to me that the novelty factor is long gone worldwide and may have caused some turbulence and hatred along the way further making it more difficult for the good men to find good wives. Even when these cities are full of prostitutes, they love to play the blame game and blame it all on the traveler as their culture cannot do wrong.

3 Things to Expect After Dating Begins

You have been dating for a few days and perhaps have spoken for a few weeks prior to flying in and meeting. You have sex with her and a few things will happen that will usually catch you off guard and sometimes hard to believe. The first time this happened to me I was shocked at the level of mis-trust and jealousy acts.

Both of you are together, you take off to the bathroom or go to shower, she will rummage through your belongings, whether it be cell phone, black book, laptop, wallet or whatever it may be. Not to rob you, but to begin her evidence gathering of any friends you may have in hopes that she will find someone else you are banging. She begins this search as if she is 100% sure you have someone else that you are also having sex with and her plan is to ruin that. Problem is while she is attempting to ruin that, she will have called some the non sexual friends as well, leaving a tainted taste in their mouths about this new girlfriends of yours.

Often times you will be going through the dating process of trying to find a good one to make a girlfriend and have some of those numbers laying around. Sometime later in the week, one of those other girls will call you or ask you in person who so and so is. She will not give a name, she will call and say that she is your girlfriend and ask what the other is to you.

What 3 things to expect

  1. She will rummage through your private belongings looking for contacts, numbers or anything from other girls. In rare cases money but this is not a robbery.
  2. You can expect her to befriend your friends on any social media account with poor intentions. Much better off not friending her on social media. Keep your private life and personal information separate from her. Later on if she turns out to be the one and you want to share those things is different. I prefer a girl that is not a social media addict.
  3. You can expect to hear from any of the girls you had in either your black book, cell phone or laptop. They will call you asking you who is your new girlfriend that they spoke to, or some other crazy stuff that they come up with. I have heard it all.

In her mind you are cheating even if you are not. At first I used to laugh at these things, then I realized how serious it is and how nuts it is to have some girl in another city call you and tell you she got a call from a girl who claims to be the girlfriend. I have also had friends tell me they befriend these girls on their social media accounts and they wait at first all is OK, then suddenly you begin to get messages from other friends saying how they accepted her response. Soon after they commence chatting and the questions begin.

I know, most of you will think no, there is no way but the truth is 9 out of 10 girls will do it and suddenly you find that you no longer like this girl. She is a lying investigative bitch trying to pin an unfaithful action on you when you are clean.

My answer to this is, so while you are dating all of these girls and seeing which ones are a better match for you, it is much better to bang them all, this way at least you have a a reason for friends to get interrogated behind your back.

Girlfriends using western men to become drug mules

As seen on cocaine wars with the ever increasing poverty rates plaguing the worldwide economy many broke men are still finding there way to meet their porn queens in Medellin aka the city of eternal spring. Some of these men are from the low class that is so highly worshiped nowadays, sometimes flying in and spending their last few cents on a flight with expectations to just sleep anywhere or with the recent girl they hooked up with online.

Women that spend time with or have access to western men are being approached more often to somehow get these men to become mules. Many of these guys that get busted claim that they didn’t want the girlfriend to leave them. It seems as though that special manipulative charm strikes again. These guys get talked out of cash before even meeting in person, more than half will already have a international money transfer account set up prior to the first meeting. These guys get used for cash while traveling in her city or perhaps not cash but for things, computers, laptops, clothes, dinners and you name it and now besides being western heroes to the perfect bodied women, they also become mules.

Where does it stop, the desperation is so bad, the war against men is so bad that some men will do anything to get the girl that was super easy to get to begin with without even spending a nickel, just get over and be yourself.

The dating scene in the U.S. and other western countries is so bad that men risk 10 years

Bottom line is if these men have become so stupid or blinded to not see that she is manipulating him to do things or buy things, I often think if while spending 10 years in the jail would he reconsider his thought process.

It’s really hard to believe for me that men can be so controled by women, when I hear that a guy commited suicide over an ex or whatnot, it seems to be such a weakness over women. When I do hear of a suicide, first thought is the guy never had a chance to seek or date foreign women to see the difference.  One of the problems that I can think of is these guys that get taken is the fact they accept the very first one that shows some affection and it bites him in the ass.

Living so long in the west, dealing with the anti family feminist movement for so long, you would tend to think men would be stronger instead of weaker but the opposite seems to take effect. Mind sets and misconceptions such as these are the deadliest

  • I make tons of cash so I am entitled to a good woman
  • I look better and work out at the gym and the locals don’t as much
  • I never cheat
  • I have a career and have assets

This is the type of mindset that a man gets after being with materialistic and shallow women for his whole life, so the mindset becomes engraved. While there is nothing wrong with all of the above, the fact of the matter is that none of these entitle you to get a girl. Will they make you feel more confident personally, yes. But openly talking about them while meeting women will probably ruin the chances.

Everything today in the U.S. is about what you are entitled to, or what woman you earned because of your success. Don’t join this mindset, it is a disaster that will leave you without a woman or with the wrong woman.


Happy New Year to Everyone!

Another year has past, it was a tough year with major changes happening in our great country. We know over in Colombia most everyone is having a great time this holiday season as always. I know I certainly miss those times most of all. I can say that in Florida I now have a small piece of Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil right here so there is barely a reason to even travel anymore.

In fact there is a much increased aggression of women making moves on men here locally, well at least breaking the ice with a long stare or a follow in the supermarket enough so that you are 100% sure she is interested in meeting you.

I was standing outside of Pet Supermarket and as everyone was leaving they walked right passed. Amazingly, one of them seemed just like a girl I dated in Manizales a couple years ago. I am not sure if it was my surprised look that got her staring back all the way out the door and as she passed or it was just a coincidence and she looked like her or maybe it was her and she was shocked too. Either way it was a look like she wanted to share some natilla in the back of the car right there and then, had it been another time in my life, I might have extended the invite.

Whatever you call it, big change is here and we have to make the best of it. This coming year will be challenging for many of us middle class citizens. Between dealing with the affordable care act and if you happen to live in America and have an online store I feel your pain and this newly implemented sales tax law that begins I believe Jan 1st. will likely murder more than 50% of the small businesses online(God knows how in the world this passed). I know the levels of corruption will be tough on most of us but we have to stay strong, we have to continue to be men and figure out ways to work around all this corruption until we vote out every last one of these anti American scoundrels.

This year should be interesting to say the least, in addition to expanding my data acquisition forensics business, we will be actively  pursuing a research site conducting investigations that expose scoundrels who harm us citizens each and everyday via cancerous products, animal abuse to test or make products, ect ect.  If any of you would have interest in joining such a site, please write me here and perhaps you can join as we may seek one or two research writers. Must have a passion in exposing the truth.

In the meantime as always we wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year and a beautiful babe by your side.

Dating: Competition Rising Among Locals

Lot’s of new manufacturing showing up in the United States, most notably as of recent is the huge influx of American apparel companies. These companies are flourishing by spreading the words “Made in the USA” whether it be denim, leather, shoes or even the latest Blue Shoe Lace Project that went to some of the largest retailers and asked why don’t you sell USA made products? They replied “Our customers don’t want American made products.” They call bullshit and so do I.

American women gaining heavy competition locally

The same goes for women in the United States, as the borders continue to stay loosely open, it creates massive competition for the local girls forcing them to ease up on the ridiculous habits of thinking all men are desperate for them.  We will always have those men that consistently put women up on pedestals and get played over and over that make it tougher for everyone.

Desperate men in human resource positions giving the job to a good looking female over a male due to desperation starts to get sickening but its the way of the world now, it continually gives women this strange chip and feeds this disease, but nevertheless the competition is moving at a rapid pace and will force a slowdown in girls being overly abusive towards men.

However even with those men in pure desperation the massive incoming competition and population increases the hard stance and control that women took in the past will begin to slow. The hard economic times will dictate more couples once again coming together as needed.

The changes that are coming to American dating

These American women are seeing the differences in sex appeal, better bodies, much more beautiful hair and nails and begin to not be so tight nosed when it comes to men asking them out and the average guy is starting to see the attitudes of women that aren’t as lawyer laced and propped up by thousands of desperate men. As in Colombia while men hit on women, they never make these women to be the last woman on earth. There is a clear problem with American men these days when it comes to dating and acting around women.

In the United States we are dealing with a tremendous cognitive dissidence of people being locked into their own little worlds, not seeing whats going on around them, nor caring. As reality sets further in, both men and women begin to open their eyes, they begin to notice that what that weird guy told them a year back is actually coming true. That America is not on the right path, that things are much worse now then they were in the 90′s. That we may very well be drinking filtered piss water in the next few years as certain other countries do as we continually get lied to. It forces people into safety mode and they would prefer to stay uninformed and not think about this type of thing everyday.

The good news is that each month more and more people begin to realize, hey I can help and I can support domestic manufacturing. Even though we have battles between excessive taxing and raising minimum wages on these small businesses, we can still make it. Instead of hiring 5 employees we hire 4 and we battle those against small business and middle class in the USA. I always check food labels, even though there are laws protecting foreign labels and loopholes that allow them to sell foreign shit as US made, I still try to do my own research and eat only domestic. I am now finding that I would prefer American made jeans or American made shirts by far for both quality and great materials. Sure it costs an extra few dollars but so worth it in the long run.

Since I was 21 I have preached that the world is small and men should never settle for any woman. These days however, as someone that grew up in the 90′s, living through some of the best times this country has seen, and knowing when we are clearly under attack. Not to mention some of the health issues of these foreign made foods are imposing on us. I am all for being patriotic and supporting our local small businesses, those very same small businesses are what has grown America and sustained America for so long in the first place.

I have to say given the choice, if the obnoxious attitudes slowed with American women, there are less complexities in the cultural differences and tons of beautiful Americans as well and a much less expensive endeavor by far.  The dating competition becomes revived among locals.

Trust in Long Term Relationships Diminishing

Suddenly reports of trust issues among Americans is beginning to arise which in all honesty could be seen a mile away. Even the big government taint licking media and news reports that only one in three Americans trust one another, but they were sure to add that this is not a big institution thing. It makes you wonder what the sick bastards will use this to implement soon enough.  Always a reason to implement something against freedom.

The truth is that with 6 years of being lied to day in and day out, not even with good lies with lies that are just ridiculous almost like a slap in the face an insult to ones intelligence. In fact I couldn’t believe these three Silicon Valley guys building the healthcare website alternative as if the original build was actually really a screw up, come on guys are you serious?

The constant lies along with the new co-mingling among other cultures with zero trust factors among themselves, the unfair corrupt advantages that big business has over the little guy,  what do you think? Trust levels among Americans to stay outstandingly high? Could never happen. What we are witnessing is a historic change that will never ever change back no matter who we elect, no matter what changes we make, no matter what is done in the future. The damage is done and no damage control can even begin to fix this massive brain hemorrhage. America might  be known as the great country it once was. They say to not chase the past, but honestly if this type of shit is all you have to look forward to, going through the 90′s was amazing in comparison and I am glad I got to experience it without some demented fuckhead telling me what I have to eat.

Foreign women trusting American men

Oddly enough not like before but still a high abundance of foreign women seeking American men for marriage. They seek American men for a variety of reasons and a big one is trust. They hear that they can trust American men to cheat much less then their current choices or they can trust that American men will be able to manage a family financially. Much of these thoughts are compulsive from women that were recently screwed over by a cheating boyfriend so they immediately say, no more, I have to find an American or a European that will less likely cheat and they put up a profile and even if they get back with the cheating boyfriend the temptation of getting 50 plus letters a day is far to strong to resist so it stays on.

Do you really need trust to get engaged or do you roll the dice? In today’s world trust may be diminishing but you have to trust your wife. If trust completely falls which it will, how many men will elect to not even try since there will be no trust factors left. All he will think is this must be scam. It’s bad now how it is, with all kind of motives. It forces us to work ten times harder to make sure we did all we can to even get engaged.

While living in Colombia, even when living with my girlfriend long term, the amount of time she goes home to mom it seems as though it just isn’t enough time together to fully trust her. I know, all the guys out there thinking how they lived with their women in Colombia and absolutely trust her, it reminds me of all the people that drink the cool-aid here. Perhaps it’s the healthier route to go, just believe what she feeds you and be happy with even that. Do not think of the ramifications that may be coming soon. Or do we have insurance for such a thing? A prenuptial agreement may guard your assets, but it will not help in alimony and further.

Where do we go as trust continues to diminish.