3 Things to Expect After Dating Begins

You have been dating for a few days and perhaps have spoken for a few weeks prior to flying in and meeting. You have sex with her and a few things will happen that will usually catch you off guard and sometimes hard to believe. The first time this happened to me I was shocked at the level of mis-trust and jealousy acts.

Both of you are together, you take off to the bathroom or go to shower, she will rummage through your belongings, whether it be cell phone, black book, laptop, wallet or whatever it may be. Not to rob you, but to begin her evidence gathering of any friends you may have in hopes that she will find someone else you are banging. She begins this search as if she is 100% sure you have someone else that you are also having sex with and her plan is to ruin that. Problem is while she is attempting to ruin that, she will have called some the non sexual friends as well, leaving a tainted taste in their mouths about this new girlfriends of yours.

Often times you will be going through the dating process of trying to find a good one to make a girlfriend and have some of those numbers laying around. Sometime later in the week, one of those other girls will call you or ask you in person who so and so is. She will not give a name, she will call and say that she is your girlfriend and ask what the other is to you.

What 3 things to expect

  1. She will rummage through your private belongings looking for contacts, numbers or anything from other girls. In rare cases money but this is not a robbery.
  2. You can expect her to befriend your friends on any social media account with poor intentions. Much better off not friending her on social media. Keep your private life and personal information separate from her. Later on if she turns out to be the one and you want to share those things is different. I prefer a girl that is not a social media addict.
  3. You can expect to hear from any of the girls you had in either your black book, cell phone or laptop. They will call you asking you who is your new girlfriend that they spoke to, or some other crazy stuff that they come up with. I have heard it all.

In her mind you are cheating even if you are not. At first I used to laugh at these things, then I realized how serious it is and how nuts it is to have some girl in another city call you and tell you she got a call from a girl who claims to be the girlfriend. I have also had friends tell me they befriend these girls on their social media accounts and they wait at first all is OK, then suddenly you begin to get messages from other friends saying how they accepted her response. Soon after they commence chatting and the questions begin.

I know, most of you will think no, there is no way but the truth is 9 out of 10 girls will do it and suddenly you find that you no longer like this girl. She is a lying investigative bitch trying to pin an unfaithful action on you when you are clean.

My answer to this is, so while you are dating all of these girls and seeing which ones are a better match for you, it is much better to bang them all, this way at least you have a a reason for friends to get interrogated behind your back.


  1. kevin says

    This post brings back memories. In the US this behavior would be viewed as psycho and possibly require a restraining order. Con las latinas, es SOP, totalmente normal. If she doesn’t do something like this, she isn’t interested.

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  2. Coladmin says

    Yes, my very first experience with this was via a phone card from my garbage in the states calling Bogota, it was something you would never expect and the trend continued for years to come in different scenarios, including but not limited to mother interrogation via lunches or other means of seemingly friendly ways. They are always the innocent ones and we are the bad guys. I find it funny that I know for a fact that some of the culture warriors that read this blog will be saying to themselves how this happened to them with their current girlfriends.

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  3. Mike(y) says

    Sage advice by the sounds of it. I guess from what I have been reading about the men in Colombia dropping their wives at the sight of fresh puta, that this is to be somewhat expected. It is indeed inherent culturally. Hey, for 25 years I was the faithful and trusting guy, and what I should have been doing is going through my (ex)wife’s stuff. It wasn’t until last year rumaging through the scraps that I found enough bits and pieces to get a good picture. Also, there is one thing I remember in a CIA handout I read while I was in the Navy. It said that once you have turned a spy into a counter-spy, he can never be trusted and his information has to be ‘verified through other means.’The same can be said about some of these women also. I guess its ok to turn your back but never take your eye of the rearview mirror!

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  4. Coladmin says

    If you happen to cheat or get caught cheating and the wife accepts it and forgives you, you still have to leave the marriage because of the jealous and spiteful acts that will surely take place and follow. It will become a life of penalization that is just not worth it in my opinion. The question here is if you can find one that will not pre-penalize you for something you have not done.

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  5. Kevin says

    “The question here is if you can find one that will not pre-penalize you for something you have not done.” That’s key. It is like being on trial for not having done anything wrong. At first it can be flattering (“hey, so many women WANT you”) but then it becomes near obsession — and destructive of the good times.

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  6. Mike(y) says

    How timely is this post? Case in point: Last week I struck up a conversation on CC with a girl from B-quilla. I told her of my travel plans and how I was going to go to Medellin during my visit but have canceled that leg. Monday she decides she would like to Skype. No problem, I keep my status as ‘invisible’ so that I am not disturbed while actively engaged in a conversation. We had a very nice chat session. Some pictures swapped, (all clean), and promised to meet on CC before another Skype session on Tue. night. I get on CC and I get accused of not responding fast enough to her email messages on CC. I tell her, like I told her the night before, I have to pipe everything through Google Translate. Still she insists, that I am having a conversation with someone else. In actuality, I was doing some housekeeping on CC. I suggest that we go to Skype. She complains about my ‘invisible status’ and out of the blue brings up the ‘amiga’ in Medellin! Finally, I had enough of this shit and told her, that I have contacts, and that until we meet in person and the chemistry is there for us to take the next step, that I will continue to chat and seek contacts on CC. End of story! Then she got lovey-dovey and I believe she was subtly suggesting that I send her a new camera for her PC because her’s is broken. I told her that wasn’t going to happen, and she said I didn’t understand the question. Her first yellow card has been issued, (in the spirit of the World Cup). We will see if she is going to get the red one next. Stay tuned!

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  7. kevin says

    In Los Estados Unidos most guys don’t play hard ball with a beautiful woman as the thinking goes “When am I going to get another like her? Better not lose her by getting her mad at me.” A wimpified but understandable plan. In America del Sur the guy realizes THERE ARE LOTS of beautiful women and they don’t have the upper hand — a strange notion to many guys *****-whipped in America del Norte.

    Venezuela still beat Colombia by this map, but heck, Chavez has at least left.

    I hope Mike(y) likes it.

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  8. Coladmin says

    United States=conditioned men. I think men are in trouble as soon as the strong line of women figure out how to mate with robots. Love how the pink stands out in that map.

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  9. Mike(y) says

    Thanks Kevin, Mike(y) does like it and I will eat it too! ;>) I think I said this in a previous post that my only time to visit South America was indeed Caracas, Venezuela. Prior to Chavez and his cronies. Shore Patrol had to hire 2 buses to bring the guys back to the ship from the whore house!
    The patterns you speak of are deeply ingrained in to the male psyche. Listen, I’m going on my 53rd lap around del Sol, so it tough to change a pattern of thinking. But websites like this one with “REAL” life experiences give me and hopefully others the confidence we have been lacking in the past. I have been getting warnings from family members about ‘bringing in a transplant’, and they all know someone who got tagged with a bridal scam, (I have yet to meet anyone). My first trip is going to be a “ME” trip. I will be unchained and unrestricted. Hopefully, I will be able to secure some well deserved nookie while there after going without it for over a year, (I know, a sad admission but I am over the denial phase!)!

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  10. kevin says

    Mike(y): If you have enough time there, one way I found to meet some good women is first to meet some men. A firefighter might go to a firehouse, a gearhead to a local car show, or a horticulturist to where ever it is that horticulturists go.

    Spend enough time with a local guy interested in the same things you are (work-wise or hobby-wise) and you will eventually tap into a network of his relatives and friends and Sunday dinners and social events. This takes a little time to develop, but does work if you are looking/ready for the longer-term relationship.

    But if you are just getting off the merry-go-round here in America del Norte and this is your first non-work related visit to America del Sur, just get the nookie out of the way and learn the lay of the land. And don’t come back until you have enjoyed yourself, dangnamit.

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  11. Mike(y) says

    Truthfully, I don’t screw what I can’t eat first! Kevin, good idea. I am a true-blue bombero FFII and HAZMAT technician so that will be something for me to check out while down there. I have this thing about firestations. Anyway, I couldn’t pass the opportunity for this.Girl 2 from B-town texts me tonight. Last night was great once again. Even today onWhatsapp was allright. I felt like shit from a cold I have so I’m not in the mood for ‘lah-de-dah’ nonsense. So after the ‘baby this and baby that’ I get the proverbial “Can I ask you a question?” routine. I know what is coming. She wanted to pry, so I opened up Pandora’s box for her to see. To make a long story short, she was pissed that I had the audacity to speak with other women and how dare I be guarded after I was scammed! Needless to say, I got the ‘adios’, without any return comments. I liked her but man it was going too far to fast. What the hell is it with these women where they want a commitment before even meeting?? Sheeesh!!!

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  12. kevin says

    Call/email her when you are there anyways. First, there is the boomerang effect with these women, and second, they often have the princess fantasy of being so special you are going to travel only for her. You doused that fantasy. You brought her to reality and let her know you have options other than her. If she adjusts her princess fantasy — and sees that you really are there — there *could* be something there yet. But if she has not adjusted to reality and life, then there are many more.

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  13. Mike(y) says

    The great American writer Norman Maclain in his book “A River Runs Through It,” talks about his brother in-law trying to woo the affections of this woman in a speakeasy. He does this by totally ignoring her. The biggest insult to bestowed upon women is to have men ignore them. It is programmed in (most I’ll say), their DNA. They rely on being noticed by the male species who are supposed to do their ‘wooing dance’ to garner their affections. So it was with this girl. She saw that I was on CC and I ignored her presence not only there, but on Whatsapp also. Around 5PM I get a “Hola mi amor!” on Whatsapp. So keep that in mind. She is definately is on the list to ‘visit’ when I get to B-lla, but scratched as a possible mate.

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  14. Coladmin says

    Great story and great advice Mike(y). Happens everytime like that, remember with Colombian women the door never closes or the breakup never gets truly commenced. Can work very dangerously in the way while you are not in Colombia she can’t be trusted. Simple for another “friend” or ex or old local fling to show up and gets some. I am pretty sure I could call or e-mail each of the women I was once with and broke up with to go have a coffee or dinner with me which will easily end in the hotel room.

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  15. kevin says

    Coladmin: translate.google.com shows that “boomerang” in Spanish is “bumerang” — I kid you not.

    Mike(y): Or it could be labeled the Mike(y) Effect. If it is an identifiable syndrome, it needs a name.

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  16. Coladmin says

    I wanted to share a recent comment and question that I read an answered regarding a Proenglish event in PA. PA was trying to make English the official language and it was a hearing to do so by Pro English.org I was working an article from another website that I manage in regards to why we do not have English as the official US language. The reason dates back to the 60’s the leftist anti american radicals have fought against making English an official language and have continued to fight this even today. They once offered for English to be approved as an official second language in the US but never first. To me the whole thing is crazy and i can hardly understand what the big deal is.

    Ms. Marquez’s(obvious leftist radical) comment:
    “It is sad that this organization and this young woman are trying to make America more ignorant and more stupid. I can’t believe this governmental structure supports racism and hate if you have money to lobby for idiocy and know how to manipulate the system. Anyone that supports this organizations work is a sad excuse of a human.”

    Coladmin: Is Spain and Colombia racist because I must speak Spanish while i’m there?

    Ms. Marquez: By your question I can perceive many wrong assumptions you have about the USA & a lack of historical knowledge of this country. Before the British & other European colonizers came to this continent many tribes of indigenous people spoke their language before they were brutally massacred.Spain owned large part of USA, they spoke Spanish. This country is not and never was made up of only white, English speaking people. So many other things I don’t have time to share…read more books!

    Am I reading this correctly? Do people actually think that the US language of English is pro white and racist? To me this our culture, our heritage and our right.

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  17. Mike(y) says

    It sounds as if Ms. Marquez need a good swift kick with a steel-toed shoe. But what a waste of a good work boot that would be. When does it finally end? I mean really. The slaves, who were actually sold by their own countries to Dutch and English settlers. Not by white man that took them from their countries. The Native American Indians, who some slaughter the other tribes because they didn’t like them. And even the apologies to the Japanese for Hiroshima and Nagasaki? What they don’t tell you is they were out to do the same thing to us! The radical leftist are writing the books and neglect to leave truthful history out. I think it was George Santayana, a Spanish citizen no less, that said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it!”

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  18. Kevin says

    She wants hitorical references? How about some Latin American ones on the topic of genocide — murder based on race. Is Ms. Marquez familiar with Eva Peron’s (and her husband’s) support and until near the end of WWII, alliance with NAZIism? That she and her Peronista party allowed NAZIs, after the war, to emigrate from Europe, via the “rat line” through Genoa, Italy to Argentina? Is she aware that Argentina allied itself with the Axis powers until near the war’s end? Does she read the factual accounts in books that she urges others to read?

    Where were Klaus Barbie, Adoph Eichmann and Dr. Mengele after WWII? Heck, through in that fellow Preibke. In Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, sheltered by Peronists for the lucre and the art — that’s where. Are these merely fictional characters? We could wish, but that would not be true. Ms. Marquez, your answer?

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  19. Mike(y) says

    It seems more that her response is not so much as a socialist response as it is a communist/Marxist response. It makes me shudder to see what our country has turned out to be. Prior to 9/11, we were a vibrant and healthy capitilistic society. Since then, our ‘tolerance’ has become to embrace our enemies and be intolerant of ANY point of view which is counter to them. This has completely enveloped our society as a whole and now there is this ‘super-culture’ of intolerance which will not accept anything against their doctrine. It is so prevelant in the liberal mindset. I’ll get off my soapbox now!

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  20. Coladmin says

    When viewing as many comments as I do daily, sometimes I wonder if these people are just employees for real leftist groups out there. It is hard to believe that the thought process is really this ignorant.

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  21. Tom says

    When in Colombia I buy a colombian cell phone is just easier to communicate. After spending 2 weeks with one girl i really liked i deleted my data and gave her the phone. It’s been 3 months but I still get complaints from girls that they are being contacted by that girl. Deleting whatsapp data is not as easy it seems, we are no longer together but i gather from the comment that she is still investigating. too bad for her one of the girls lives in her neighbourhood and told me she is living with a colombian guy already for years. Off course she denies it with a big drama. That doesn’t stop her from contacting me at the end of every month to say she misses me followed by a request to help with the arriendo y comida. Imaginate.

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