Do Colombian Girls Love Sex

I was just emailed the other day from a guy asking me if he married a Colombian wife would she enjoy sex even after marriage. In my experience with Latin girls in general, I have never ever met, dated or gone out with a Latina that didn’t love sex.

I know many guys that are married or have local girlfriends and I know, I have been there. Sometimes they just don’t feel like it, or in a bad mood or whatever it is. Sometimes sex is not available with the local women or they use sex as a tool for other things. That really sucks, when your women uses sex for things and believe it or not this type of action is very common in the U.S.

That story changes real quick with a Latin girlfriend. If you aren’t used to having alot of sex you will be very soon. Every single day whether she is in a good mood or not, she will want to be sexaully active with you. It’s all up to you, if you don’t feel like it one day, she will be fine with that. But if you are horny, she will fuck you wherever you want and whenever. You can even wake her up in the middle of her sleep and she will be happy to have sex with you. If you are real horny and feel like having sex 5 times that day, she is fine with that. In fact she is not only fine with that but she loves it.

I don’t know what it is, but as soon as you get that blood flowing a little bit, it’s all over. Whether through kissing, or just rubbing her leg or even saying some things she likes. She will strip down and let you have your way. It never fails, and probably never will. I have gone out with many many latin girls and it has always been the same thing. So for me this is definitely not generalization as some Colombian girls think I do, I was only happy to know that some girls even read this site.

Another thing they are incredibly open with is location. They will please you wherever you are. Lets say your at a wedding and you feel horny. You tell you girl to come into a restroom and she will let you bang her doggy style right in one of the stalls. Or if your in a car, she will let you bang her in the car or go down on you, whichever you please. So for them it’s more of a natural thing, then a sex tool type thing. The banging is enjoyable and they enjoy it all at the same time they treat you like a man, they know you are horny and want to make you feel good. She wants to be the one that can please you whenever or however you like. I think another part of this coin is maybe they do not want you to look elsewhere for what she is not giving you. Always amazes me with American girls, they hold back on sex and it never comes to their mind that you might actually be horny and start banging another girl while she is holding back. I never understood that concept and have had my fair share of those as well.

Bottom line is, if you like sex, you will love a Colombian wife. She will for sure make you happy in that department.



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