The friendliest and rudest countries

Friendliest countries:

For me I have found that most of the places I have gone in Colombia have been extra friendly as far as walking into a store or treatment in a restaurant, or even a family meeting for the first time in most cases have been super friendly. Manizales was rude for me, however the other cities make up for it.

Dominican Republic
The DR has been very friendly for me in many ways. People are inviting and just friendly period in my many experiences. I have had taxi drivers invite me to their homes to meet their families which doesn’t happen too often in other places.

United States
Contrary to popular belief, I feel that many places in the United States are friendly. I even think that New York is a friendly place, they may not be as open to start a conversation which to me is better, however they are typically not rude. Then you have all the southern places that are known for the southern hospitality.

Speaking of southern hospitality, Morocco is known world wide for their hospitality traits, hospitality schools and even when they come to the U.S. is it usually on a hospitality type visa. That has to be one of the reasons why the place is super friendly.

Everyone will probably think that is easy listing France as the rudest, however I have to say that my time in Madrid had to be one of the rudest I have encountered. According to this article at Huffington Post they also have France listed first and Spain listed somewhere around sixth.

Go online and search for a Russian wife, no need to say more. Those that do get married are the exception and if they make it through the first green card, I am surprised. Very rude country with rude people.

Just Rude!

Should be number 1 in the rude department.

Everyone knows that France is a rude place to go and it’s true, however for me, it’s not the rudest.

Check out the Huffington article and let me know if you have any other experiences or ideas about this. I agree with article just in a different order.


  1. Coladmin says

    The Huffington post article list Brazil as one of the rudest. While in Brazil, I really didn’t experience any rudeness, especially the women aside from a few rude bitches in Sau Paulo. So I cannot comment on the country itself.

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  2. josdee says

    You must be an American. Many Americans are nice and they may not be the rudest people but go to Costa Rica and Colombia and you will see many of them pain rude, how many times we see Americans put a $100 bill on the forehead and walk around the girls bar, go to Blue Marlin and see it for yourself…..One time I was told an American was telling the wait staff off because he did not speak good English and this was in Central America….I used to work in India and travelled to China often, they are rude, you really know very little of this world.

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  3. Coladmin says

    Josdee- If you read the post again it says that in China and India it is rude. I do agree about some rude Americans, no question about it. I am American, but I am not one of those people that speak bullshit about his country to prop it up if it’s not true.

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  4. cita says

    during a vist to lutron in Medellin, i entered the house near the pool table, and saw tthe maid quickly cleaning up ashes, when i looked closer i saw burnt 100 bills and 50Mil COP notes that were burned up. apparently the “gringos” visitng wanted to impress the women there by being soo rich they burned money, if thats not an ugly american i do not know what is…

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  5. Coladmin says

    That sounds just like the actions at the Blue Marlin as I watched Costa Rica crash and burn right in front of my eyes. That place used to be an awesome weekend getaway until all the gringos killed it. Look at the comment from Josdee, although I am not sure exactly why she spent so much time at Blue Marlin and Co. but she did make a point, these guys wear 100 bills on there heads, exactly what I seen. Who feels they must prove something to whores? Lutron. wow!

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