Girlfriends using western men to become drug mules

As seen on cocaine wars with the ever increasing poverty rates plaguing the worldwide economy many broke men are still finding there way to meet their porn queens in Medellin aka the city of eternal spring. Some of these men are from the low class that is so highly worshiped nowadays, sometimes flying in and spending their last few cents on a flight with expectations to just sleep anywhere or with the recent girl they hooked up with online.

Women that spend time with or have access to western men are being approached more often to somehow get these men to become mules. Many of these guys that get busted claim that they didn’t want the girlfriend to leave them. It seems as though that special manipulative charm strikes again. These guys get talked out of cash before even meeting in person, more than half will already have a international money transfer account set up prior to the first meeting. These guys get used for cash while traveling in her city or perhaps not cash but for things, computers, laptops, clothes, dinners and you name it and now besides being western heroes to the perfect bodied women, they also become mules.

Where does it stop, the desperation is so bad, the war against men is so bad that some men will do anything to get the girl that was super easy to get to begin with without even spending a nickel, just get over and be yourself.

The dating scene in the U.S. and other western countries is so bad that men risk 10 years

Bottom line is if these men have become so stupid or blinded to not see that she is manipulating him to do things or buy things, I often think if while spending 10 years in the jail would he reconsider his thought process.

It’s really hard to believe for me that men can be so controled by women, when I hear that a guy commited suicide over an ex or whatnot, it seems to be such a weakness over women. When I do hear of a suicide, first thought is the guy never had a chance to seek or date foreign women to see the difference.  One of the problems that I can think of is these guys that get taken is the fact they accept the very first one that shows some affection and it bites him in the ass.

Living so long in the west, dealing with the anti family feminist movement for so long, you would tend to think men would be stronger instead of weaker but the opposite seems to take effect. Mind sets and misconceptions such as these are the deadliest

  • I make tons of cash so I am entitled to a good woman
  • I look better and work out at the gym and the locals don’t as much
  • I never cheat
  • I have a career and have assets

This is the type of mindset that a man gets after being with materialistic and shallow women for his whole life, so the mindset becomes engraved. While there is nothing wrong with all of the above, the fact of the matter is that none of these entitle you to get a girl. Will they make you feel more confident personally, yes. But openly talking about them while meeting women will probably ruin the chances.

Everything today in the U.S. is about what you are entitled to, or what woman you earned because of your success. Don’t join this mindset, it is a disaster that will leave you without a woman or with the wrong woman.



  1. Kevin says

    A woman hones in on a man’s weakness — and can exploit those weaknesses for her own gain and his demise. A “man” who allows himself to be pussy-whipped into becoming a drug mule to gain a woman’s favor has not spent enough time with the right type of women. The “right type” still hone in on one’s weaknesses, but that is valuable data, if one cares to consider it.

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  2. Mike(y) says

    It kind of reminds me of the 3-panel cartoon with the little boy and the little girl:
    Boy: “I have a dime”; Girl: “I have a quarter!”
    Boy: “I have a scooter”; Girl: “I have a bicycle!”
    Boy, (who pulls down his pants and shows off his little penis): “I have one of these and you don’t!”; Girl, (lifts up her dress and shows her pussy to boy and points at his penis): “I have one of these and I can get all of those that I want!”

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  3. Mike(y) says

    Seriously though, I guess the only mindset that I subscribe to that is listed is “I don’t cheat.” I was raised at a time when chivalry was a valued asset. Even though my father was extremely less than chivalrous, (he produced my half brother, supposedly), the people around me and the time that I learned it was right before the sexual revolution and women’s rights. Hot babe or elderly lady, I still go out of my way to hold open a door for them. As far as the others on the list, they are nothing more than ‘chest beating.’ The way I view it is that there is always somebody who makes more money than you, in better shape, has better investments, etc.

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  4. Coladmin says

    Any you’d be surprised as to how many men that I know or have met that actually have been brainwashed to believe this is the way it happens. It never ceases to amaze me how weak so many men are when it comes to women.

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  5. Mike(y) says

    I would be less surprised than you think. Back when I was young and foolish, I fell under that same spell. Especially in high school. I wasn’t a jock, not good looking and I was soon to become a founding member of the ‘Nerd Herd.’ They start waving that pair of pherome-soaked panties around your nose, its like Bugs Bunny when he smells food: The aroma leads him away by his nose.

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  6. Coladmin says

    I also remember the power of the pussy at that age and my first girlfriend out of highschool was a beautiful blonde that had a habit of sharing her assets and I continued to date her like an idiot. It wasn’t too long after that and a few other Americans that I decided foreign women were a better choice in several categories. Older men continue to be brainwashed. i was speaking to this guy last night and he had mentioned that we are being conditioned, which is probably a better word then the evolving word that I use.

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  7. Mike(y) says

    “Conditioned.” Thats like candy coating the word ‘brainwashed.’ “All come here. Step up to the picnic table and drink the nice Kool Aid”…….last words of Rev. Jim Jones.

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  8. kevin says

    “Conditioned.” Thats like candy coating the word ‘brainwashed.’ — Mike(y)

    I’m stealing that line.

    But there is also “pussy-whipped.” Similar, but with the “do as I say/want, or no ***** for you.” And we too often fall right in line, and then are despised by that same woman who threatens that. So the lesson is clear.

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