Happy New Year to Everyone!

Another year has past, it was a tough year with major changes happening in our great country. We know over in Colombia most everyone is having a great time this holiday season as always. I know I certainly miss those times most of all. I can say that in Florida I now have a small piece of Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil right here so there is barely a reason to even travel anymore.

In fact there is a much increased aggression of women making moves on men here locally, well at least breaking the ice with a long stare or a follow in the supermarket enough so that you are 100% sure she is interested in meeting you.

I was standing outside of Pet Supermarket and as everyone was leaving they walked right passed. Amazingly, one of them seemed just like a girl I dated in Manizales a couple years ago. I am not sure if it was my surprised look that got her staring back all the way out the door and as she passed or it was just a coincidence and she looked like her or maybe it was her and she was shocked too. Either way it was a look like she wanted to share some natilla in the back of the car right there and then, had it been another time in my life, I might have extended the invite.

Whatever you call it, big change is here and we have to make the best of it. This coming year will be challenging for many of us middle class citizens. Between dealing with the affordable care act and if you happen to live in America and have an online store I feel your pain and this newly implemented sales tax law that begins I believe Jan 1st. will likely murder more than 50% of the small businesses online(God knows how in the world this passed). I know the levels of corruption will be tough on most of us but we have to stay strong, we have to continue to be men and figure out ways to work around all this corruption until we vote out every last one of these anti American scoundrels.

This year should be interesting to say the least, in addition to expanding my data acquisition forensics business, we will be actively  pursuing a research site conducting investigations that expose scoundrels who harm us citizens each and everyday via cancerous products, animal abuse to test or make products, ect ect.  If any of you would have interest in joining such a site, please write me here and perhaps you can join as we may seek one or two research writers. Must have a passion in exposing the truth.

In the meantime as always we wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year and a beautiful babe by your side.


  1. Mike(y) says

    How ironic. I was looking for a place to wish all on here a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Although 2013 will go down as a memorable year for me, it certainly will not be on my ‘Favorite Years’ list. I often here people speaking Spanish in the stores in and around here. From what I hear, they are often Mexican or Guatamalan. I was going to open a thread in the ‘Forum’ section but could not figure how to do it. (?) The time is drawing near for me to make my first trip C-land. Originally it was going to be in Feb. but because things aren’t settled, I may have to push it back to March. I have full intentions of detailing my exploits there. Happy New Year everyone!

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  2. Kevin says

    “Feliz Ano Nuevo” from Mexico. Even for you, Michealito.

    And ColoAdmin, the “changes” you see in the US are not all sustainable and so a safe prediction is these “changes” will themselves have to change. Financial sustainability will force change to change even more, possibly back to the way they were before when they worked.

    We have a stock market at an all time high, labor force participation at a 30 year low, and declining real income. So 2014 will have to be interesting.

    In the meantime I am going to say “Hola” to the cute lady in the panaderia down the street. Yeah, it’s good to be me in Mexico (for a while).

    Buena Viajes in C-landia Mike.

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  3. Coladmin says

    At this point Kevin, I am not even sure from which direction will hit us first but I couldn’t agree more.
    Yes I am sure it is good to be in Mexico and could imagine how ringing in the New Year over there will be. Always hot chicks at those panaderia’s I used to stop for my daily Avena and Pan de orno warm, fresh and delicious.

    I’ll be spending New Years home this year, throwing some artichoke dip in the oven and cracking some blanc de blanc thinking about Canada as a possible online store relocation and of coarse you guys picking up some hoo ha in my favorite spots.

    Que disfruta!

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  4. Mike(y) says

    Gracias, Kevin! Same to you and our illustrious Coladmin-dude. My chains will be removed once I find out the dollar amount I have to use to bribe my (soon-to-be-ex)wife to leave me the hell alone. I still haven’t decided whether to go travel to Medellin or not. Bogota is a definate. Barranquilla is shaping up also. I thought I might have an option at Manizales but that seemed to fizzle out.
    Coladmin: be aware of that nasty GST the Canooks place on everything. I often wondered why their wages were more than our here in the US. It so they can make up for that stupid assed tax!

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  5. Coladmin says

    Yes, setting up a company in Canada was a quick thought but then I remembered how things are there. I remember working cases there and how the bailiffs could enter homes for us without warrants, it was shocking. They also do not have any freedom of speech which looks like we are catching up one way or another. While they so far do not have the internet sales tax, surely they will implement it very quickly. The GST reminds me of that Colombian VAT of 15% on everything. You are right to X off Manizales, bad place to meet a possible in my opinion.

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  6. says

    Not New Year related, unless you are a Cuban defector by way of Venezuela. Then it is a new year for you.

    <a href=“http://www.eluniversal.com/nacional-y-politica/131228/over-3000-cuban-doctors-defected-from-venezuela-in-2013” title="Cubans Voting With Their Feet"

    An interesting article showing (with reality based numbers) just how “swell” things are under Castro’s little brother.

    Perhaps some Venezueleanas will defect too. Ahh yes.

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  7. Coladmin says

    3000? Perhaps doctors but as far as Venezuela goes, half of Caracas is in Orlando alone it seems. In fact I used to think they were mostly Colombians until I started talking with them often. Like I said in the article, little reason to travel anymore when living in central fl.

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  8. kevin says

    From the article: “Cuban doctors only get USD 300 a month, but the Venezuelan government pays the Castro regime around USD 6,000 per doctor, so individual doctors are paid less than 10% of what Cuba collects,” Alfonso says.

    Back in the good old days, we called this slavery. Today it is “public service”.

    Wonder how many of those doctors were female. I’d volunteer to sponsor a few. Who else is with me on this?

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  9. Mike(y) says

    I with you Kevin. I’ll tell you what I will do. I’ll go as far as opening my house to a very good-looking female doctor. If she wants to, she can (ahem) ‘practice’ her practice on me all day ;>).
    Ahhhh Caracas. It brings back the wonder days of my youth when I was in the Navy. We made a port-of-call there in 1985. Shore Patrol had to rent 2 buses to collect all of my fellow ‘shipmates’ who were standing in line at the local brothel.
    I guess I should go to Miami instead of Colombia, is that what you are saying Coladmin? One lady from Medellin I’ve been talking to for quite a while spent the holidays down in Miami. If I would have had advance notice, I could have made a sojourn there and visit with some friends and relatives myself in the area. Of course maybe I should cross her off the list for not telling me sooner. I’m not into mind games anymore. I don’t have enough brain cells left to do that.

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  10. Coladmin says

    LOL! Caracas is in some bad shape. You should see the tower of David, an unfinished highrise occupied by squatters up to the 28th floor. Plastic covering the windows. Definitely not the choice place to go these days.
    Mike if you don’t like the Santiago DR to meet someone than I would probably stick with the Colombia plans as long as you build contacts before going, very important otherwise your trip will be wasted as so many others now do. While there are huge numbers of South Americans here in Florida, it takes someone that knows the culture and knows how to talk with them in their own language/slang to possibly break through for the most part, yeah you will run into those that have that curiosity deal going on while they are out shopping alone, but collective cultures are rarely alone. Few are independent, those that I have met are here with entire families and that is their life.

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  11. Coladmin says

    I missed your last sentence. i do find it pretty rude that she didn’t advise you so you could meet with her locally. This is the selfish thing I always talk about that is hard to get through. She felt why should she tell you to possible put a wrench in her plans with others from her culture most likely and would prefer to have the cake and eat it to and make you go the distance. Very selfish. I hate when they do that. If it was me, that is inexcusable behavior and i would be done, if you accept that there will be much more to come. Unless I am missing something here.

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  12. Mike(y) says

    Not really a big deal. She did confide that she was meeting ‘someone’ and the chemistry wasn’t what she wanted. She isn’t committed to me anymore than I am committed to her. It would be a different story if we were into ‘serious negotiations.’ As far as the DR is concerned, I found most of the woman slightly on the spacey side. They seemed more hell-bent on finding a father/supporter for their kids than a stable relationship. Just my take. It may be different after a visit. I have resigned myself to the fact that my trip to Colombia will be a reward of a ‘release from indenture’ trip. If I find something worth pursuing, great. If not, I am not going to feel sorry for myself and I’ll just move on.

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  13. Mike(y) says

    You are indeed correct about knowing the ‘cultural clicks.’ I remember befriending a local while in Benidorm, Spain. I gave him a tour of my ship, (people are amazed when they get on an aircraft carrier), he gave me a tour of his city. Stark different place and reception when you have someone on the inside. I had a great time. My only regret it was my final cruise and never made it back there again.

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  14. Coladmin says

    Good attitude to take. Lots of men only have the ability to travel a couple times in a year therefore must make the most of each trip, besides the fact that the cost gets way up there after figuring in flight, hotel, taxi and food. It’s one of those deals where the average guy must go in with a detailed plan in hand and a bunch of discipline. I remember way back when a trip went bad, it felt like shit and was a total loss. We would scramble to try and fix it so we didn’t end up with some GFE’s just to have some interaction. As time passes and you learn the slangs, the culture and can actually laugh a bit with them this all changes and then you have your pick.

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  15. Coladmin says

    Spain is beautiful but man that has got to be the rudest coldest place I have ever been. I love the cities but the way people are is incredible. As a gringo have you had experience in a museum or a cafe in Spain? Don’t speak Spanish and they get nasty.

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  16. Mike(y) says

    Let me ask a question that maybe all could benefit. I am looking to spend about 10 days in Colombia. 3 in B-quilla/Cartegena, 3 in Medellin, and the balance in Bogota. Who do you recommend as a travel agent for flying interior of Colombia or did you do everything yourself online? I also may use them for hotel or I may use my AAA since they have savings plans there also.

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  17. Coladmin says

    I personally found that all of the hotels had at least 1 person who soke english when I first started going way back. So I would review the hotels online first, always the less expensive hotels that had AC in the better areas. Hotel should run no more than 50 to 80 per night(cienmil cada noche o doscientosmil cada noche) anything less than 50 may not have AC and may be less safe for you. Call from here and book it from here, no CC needed just tell them to expect you at such and such date and take your name. Do the same for all three locations. Find some sites like trip advisor for reviews on normal rate hotels. I find that booking on the internet to have too many middle men and the prices are double gringo rates. In fact they are saying that local travel agencies are making a comeback due to this issue.

    As far as flying goes, if you should happen to fly Avianca they usually offer one free inter country flight whenever and wherever you want if your original international flight was with them. I am a big fan of Avianca. While I always drive or take mini vans from one part to another, i cannot really offer much advice as far as flying inter country goes. I would call the local Avianca number and ask them how much, then you also have other local carriers as well while in Colombia you could call. Your hotel front desk is a great starting point. I have them do everything for me, check movie times, restaurant reservations, taxis, find prices, call dates ect ect. You do not need a Dan Carlton or some 200$ room to have that. They all do that for you as long as they are not Hostels or downtown motels.

    I would recommend Andes Plaza in Bogota, great massage area on the roof and over all great middle class place. You do not want to date girls that know you are in high end hotels. They will get into manipulation mode and you will never know what you have. Some guys I speak to just can’t help themselves and make excuses to be in these super high end places and then later complain the trips are too expensive.

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  18. Coladmin says

    Medellin, I recommend Hotel Lincoln or Hotel 70 both in Laureles. In Poblado they have hotel Poblado I think that runs about 80 per night and is very nice, although I prefer Laureles every time. Poblado is just too stuck up and shallow for me to stay there. Dan Carlton, Intercontiental and alike in Medellin are money sucking machines built for corporate only. Funny thing is you find the personal service to be worse at the higher end places.
    Quilla has lots of choices as does Cartegena and you will most likely get stuck paying slightly more as those are more touristy.

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  19. Mike(y) says

    I may just as well use a local agency and give them my parameters. I get so overwhelmed attempting to do this. Just anxiety I guess. My niece went to Medellin last year to visit a friend of her’s from college. She suggested changing planes in Panama. I can’t recall the reason but I thought it was cheaper if you flew there domestic and switched vs. flying Avianca straight in. She lives only 2 miles from Dulles so it was a lack of flights. I tried tentative arrangements via AAA but the girl at the local office was a total ditz! She didn’t know anything about the country other than making flight arrangements for a local couple to Bogota, (or as she said, “Bog-ota”!).

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