Juggling Dates While on A Trip

By now after reading tons of articles on dating in Colombia you should know that to go just for 1 girl or even 2 girls that you have spoke to by chat or phone only is a complete waste of money and a trip. Not for the same reasons you may be thinking but more for the simple reason that 9 out of 10 times those girls you chat with before the trip will not be girlfriend or wife material. Within a week of dating you will learn real quick exactly what I mean.

Today assuming you follow along the way you should date in Colombia in order to later be successful without wasting a lifetime of time with women that just can never be good wives but yet make you feel good, give good head, have perfect doggy style views, beautiful hair, proper pussy hygiene and so on. Although the above sounds good to a guy that has been getting screwed around with by feminists all his life, but in reality a good wife goes much further than sexuality. If you marry for sex alone, you are doomed.

The best way to juggle dates for me

Now first thing to remember is nobody owns you, although you are dating and things are going well, she still does not rule what you do although she will try like hell, but truth is you still have 10 more dates to go on and allot of work ahead of you.

Let’s say you have a late lunch date and an early dinner date set up on a weeknight. The lunch date is going well and you start kissing and want to bang but your early dinner date will be at the hotel in only 2 hours. While she doesn’t own you, it is still important to not let her know you are testing the waters, always better to do that privately. My suggestion if you are having a beautiful lunch that is getting warm to grab a taxi to the nearest love motel. This way you can see if this girl is potential wife material in the bedroom also. I know you won’t marry a girl first without at least a small whiff down below. better off just banging if things are right. Remember she is expecting that if things start heating up. She wants the kiss to follow through to a sex session. Don’t let the life long conditioning tell you otherwise.

I remember having this scenario the first time and the girl was not expecting me to tell the taxi to go a love motel, but when she realized it she couldn’t be happier. They love when a man takes initiative. None of this shit, should we go to a motel? or what do you want to do? This is not initiative, this is a guy that is afraid to take the lead, afraid of denial.

Nothing wrong with a nice lunch and an hour sex session in the love motel. If she asks why not at the hotel, just tell her you are meeting a friend in a couple hours and didn’t want them see you with her so soon at the room or be creative. In essence you are not lying, nor are you cheating.

After you are done with the hot sex, wash up and call two taxis, tell her you will call her tomorrow. Your dinner date may be in the lobby waiting for you. Just take her up to the room and jump in the shower. If you did pretty good screening they won’t be a thief to rob you in the room, in fact I have never had that kind of thief before. It is a different kind of robbery manipulation you will be looking for. The small time robberies will happen on the street, atms or taxis usually, unless you have chosen some real whores without any type of screening. If you don’t like the way she looks tell her to wait longer in the lobby if you don’t feel comfortable or even tell her sorry, and give her a couple bucks and tell her something came up.

The lunch dinner scenario sometimes overlaps so you have to compensate in those cases that go all the way. What does JetBlue do? They overbook every time and figure it out on the hip.

If all this sounds too harsh for you, or too fast for you. I would venture to say that a wife search in Colombia will probably not work out for you. This is how it has to be done otherwise you will just get trampled over left and right and before you know it, 50k down in trips and NO wife.


  1. Mike(y) says

    Good post, and timely also. However, my confidence factor tells me I won’t have to worry about ‘overlapping meetings.’ Now is this an expectation on a date to jump into the sack at the first meeting? Does it also transcend through women of all ages, (lets face it, I have been looking at some my own age and I wouldn’t throw them out of bed for eating crackers!)? I do like taking a car for a drive before I buy it. You know, kick the tires and check underneath the hood!

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  2. Coladmin says

    So you are leaving soon, good for you. I wouldn’t say an expectation although for me it got to that point on most dates after learning the culture and just being natural. The only advice I can give you is exactly that, be natural. Throw away the wait thing that you learned while here. If you feel attracted to have sex, make a move and if she says no, the next date she will most likely. I will tell you this, they will like it more if you make a move then if you do not. Sometimes they will ask if you want to have sex, other times they wait for the kiss first. it is a different world in this instance and the good boy factor does not work and loses appeal. Just imagine waiting like we do for these whacked gringas and then the pussy stinks, total waste.

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  3. Coladmin says

    Will they still make men wait? My buddies tell me in NY some of these chicks want 3 and 4 or even more high end dinners before any moves. Something about South America where they are highly liberal and open to first date sex, in my experience anyways. I have read mixed reviews but i think it is due to the guy not trying right away as he feels its not proper.

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  4. Mike(y) says

    Let me clarify, I am not going there real soon. But by timely, I had given it some thought. I don’t think I will have to worry about having any dates ‘overlapping.’ I certainly hope that I have the physical wherewithall to perform to expectations. Maybe I ought to take a hand full of ‘little blue pills’ with me. Seriously, I can’t even imagine having this much action in one month let alone one day!!!

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  5. Kevin says

    There is “making a move” and “going all the way.” MTM indicates your interest. It is between the two of you, the circumstances, and other intangible or incomprehensible (to the guy) factors as to when things GATW. At least indicate interest if there is interest. “Good manners” or “going slow” in the US is seen as disinterest in America del Sur.

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  6. Coladmin says

    Even worse if you include the testosterone binding agents that seem to have been increased drastically. Some of the most fun you will have may be in South America. A few of the feel good posts we have done do a sitewide search for euphoric moments. These include times of first time visitor friends of mine on first dates, or double dates that just seem almost fantasy like. One thing most gringos have in common after Colombian travel is they will never forget the dating aspect. The perfect treatment for depression without the seratonin enhancing products.

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  7. Mike(y) says

    So, guess reaching for a piece of ‘dat dere’ is the rule. Why the hell not? The worse she is going to do is move you hand elsewhere or she could open hand slap you in public. There won’t be anyone there I know to see it so what the hell! I will constantly have to remind myself, “I’m not in Kansas anymore, Toto!”

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  8. kevin says

    Our humble site host, Coladmin, has it right. A different dating culture exists in a different hemisphere; it is not a grabfest but it is not Kansas anymore. Not that there is anything wrong with Kansas.

    Just don’t wear ruby shoes when you go south Mike(y). It would freak out TSA.

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  9. Mike(y) says

    No doubt, Kevin. I take him at his word with regards to his dating expertise. He has certainly had more activity that I have! Your statement, “Just don’t wear ruby shoes when you go south Mike(y). It would freak out TSA.” You should have seen the looks I would receive when I would walk through the metal detectors with my steel-toed sneakers! This was pre-9/11 days and I would get a once over!

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  10. Coladmin says

    We are covering Ukraine and the outskirts revolution. Now I am trying to get some coverage on this for the chaoticness site. Thinking of taking a flight… The shit is hitting the fan everywhere now Kevin. All of the people high on pot will soon realize what a shit hap we are in worldwide.

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  11. Mike(y) says

    Wow! I didn’t know this kind of stuff was going on down in Venzuela. Maybe there is hope after all. Protests here in America? The people who conduct them here are pikers compared to the rest of the world. Those of in the Ukraine stayed patient for longer than I would have bet on. I remember one of my co-workers was on a service call to a Hyundai plant over in South Korea. The workers went on strike while he was in the plant ‘compound.’ They had guard towers armed with machine guns with orders to shoot to kill. People are finally getting fed up with all the shit and no jobs!

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  12. Kevin says

    There are tweet reports that NTN24 (believe that’s a national Colombian television broadcaster/news gatherer) televised the larger than admitted demonstrations and armed forces reaction (firing into students). Venezuela shut down that feed into its own country.

    And in our own country el Presidente faults an news channel of a different ideological bent as being the cause of his problems.

    Forward Soviet!

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  13. kevin says

    Interesting site, coladmin. There is a webpage about the continuing struggles of local Mexicans against both the cartel that took over their town and the federal Mexican government which wanted to disarm them (the good guys). The rumor was that the real reason the guys took up arms is that the drug cartel honchos were going after their wives and daughters. They drew a line in the stand, took up arms, and guess what? The Mexican government then came in and wanted the good guys to disarm first. Ever wonder who the crooks are?

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  14. Coladmin says

    I have recently read some stories and watched videos of that. They stated in the article from I believe guardian that it was a vigilante thing, never mentioned it was due to wives and daughters but I believe it. In heavy cartel areas in Colombia, many times young wives will get propositioned with money or jewelry to go out while the husband is our working. Especially the good wives and locals know who they are, tremendous persistence.

    Chaoticness is a work in progress but coming along good for a couple months. We have journalists in 4 countries now and growing, this style is new to me so I am learning as I go.

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  15. says

    It seems very ironic and too coincidental to me that both Ukraine and Venezeula simultaneously are clashing and both are strong allies to Russia. Maduro claims he has a guy in custody that was training the people to uprise. US claims he is a movie producer only. Seems to me like a provocation or an oil thing. Thoughts?

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  16. Kevin says

    A producer (or perhaps CIA operative) single-handedly brings 30,000 into the streets for a group selfie?

    Wouldn’t shortages of milk, bread, meat, toilet paper, etc., do that? Unemployment and crime at levels well beyond those acknowledged by government statistics?

    Math. It’s what’s for dinner.

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  17. Coladmin says

    That’s what I thought at first, no way this guy is an …… But then I read on twitter according to a Maduro rep he has been living there for a long time and having some type of training sessions with masses of U students( it can’t all be lies). forgot to mention another huge ally is Syria. Stinks to me. So in essence the three biggest Russia allies are up on fire right now and it’s all coincidence? and all simultaneous?

    yeah shortages will do it, but the street says paper only, not to mention paper for non G news.

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  18. says

    Hah! I used to shop sometimes at Carrefour, the second choice to Exito in Colombia for me. Ok so Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela and the Olympics along with a video that was made with pictures from 2002 that got 1,5 million views in under two weeks with an American wrecking regime running the northern neighbors has no involvement. Call me strange, but this is tough to convince.

    Kevin, another crazy thing if you happened to read some of the comments in that video. Many African Americans angered with the “strong lawlessness and racism coming in from the South” Almost seems as if there may be civil unrest locally if this continues. Very strange.

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  19. Kevin says

    What does racism have to do with people protesting in Venezuela ? I don’t get the logic there, unless it is that every disagreement with a socialist is “racism.”

    And I reprimand myself for hijacking this thread. I do not work for the CIA or NSA. They wouldn’t want me on their staff.

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  20. coladmin says

    @Kevin, the racism is for the fact that some people are assuming that this will and may open borders even more for America del Sur. If that happens, there will be millions more up for amnesty and will pretty much guarantee the loss of heritage and US culture and language unfortunately. This is what the word is circulating around blogs and comments. I am glad to read that I am not the only one who thinks the video is pure propaganda.

    Personally I am past all that as I know the US is already finished so for me personally, I already speak Spanish and lived in the culture.

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  21. Mike(y) says

    Crying out racism is a way to mis-direct attention from the real issues. H(J)essian Jackson, Al Sharlatan and BHO have made a cottage industry out of it. As a matter of fact, they turned it into an artform. I’m going to paraphrase here, but I think it was Rahm Emanuel who stated about never leting a serious crisis go to waste.

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  22. Mike(y) says

    Maybe to bring this thread back to its line again. I guess the wisdom is to be careful whom you date and pick up. I’m sure you have seen the thing on TV about this ‘Craigs List Killer’ girl/woman. She doesn’t look very violent. What really strikes home is that this happened in the neighborhood where I grew up! The original video that shows the Sunbury chief of police being interviewed is at the foot of my old backyard. The area where the victim was found was in the driveway of where one of my friend’s used to live. The hill section of Sunbury, (pop. ~12000) was always devoid of any kind of crime. I’m sure people do not view it that way anymore.

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  23. coladmin says

    Mikey- That’s incredible. I actually do not know much of the story, I only briefly heard it on the radio yesterday. She stated she killed under a hundred by her 21st Bday or something like that. Freaky that it was so close to home growing up. Yes crime has ramped up. I was just having this discussion the other day with a friend at lunch how extreme some of the violence is now in comparison to before. Two teens burned a kid on the sidewalk to death, while it was violent before also, the nature of the killings has changed in my opinion.

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  24. coladmin says


    Venezuela is not the only country to fall prey to Washington’s efforts to reverse the electoral results of the past 15 years in Latin America. It is now clear that last year’s ouster of President Fernando Lugo of Paraguay was also aided and abetted by the United States government. In a brilliant investigative work for Agência Pública, journalist Natalia Viana shows that the Obama administration funded the principal actors involved in the “parliamentary coup” against Lugo. Washington then helped organize international support for coup.

    The U.S. role in Paraguay is similar to its role in the military overthrow of democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras in 2009, where Washington hijacked the Organization of American States (OAS) and used it to fight the efforts of South American governments who wanted to restore democracy. Zelaya later testified that Washington was also involved in the coup itself.

    In Venezuela this past week, Washington could not hijack the OAS but only its Secretary General, José Miguel Insulza, who supported the White House (and Venezuela opposition) demand for a “100 percent recount.” But Insulza had to back down, as did Spain, the United States’ only other significant ally in this nefarious enterprise – because they had no support.

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  25. Kevin says

    Mike(y): Following the line of reasoning, why would a leftist (socialist) US government, led by Obama, support right wing actors in South America?

    And there is some hilarious youtube video for mothers’ day about the Paraguayan president. As a bishop he seemed to have impregnated 2 (or perhaps 3) different women. The video shows boyfriends covering there girlfriends’ or wives’ eyes as the joke goes that a female only needs to look at former bishop and she is suddenly pregnant.

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  26. Mike(y) says

    Sorry Kevin. I was being facetious. That was from the song “Why Can’t We Be Friends” sung ironically by the band called ‘War’.
    But to answer your question, I don’t have a clue and would not see why this administration would have anything to do with politics on the right whatsoever. BHO is hell bent on pushing a social agenda. He would be more inclined to embrace the FARC in Colombia.

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  27. Coladmin says

    How is it possible that in a situation like Ukraine, how do the government workers not side with the people? In this case and in most cases when people rise up, there is solid reason of corruption or too much control or stealing freedom, whatever it might be. So how does the government continue to keep its workers shooting people what they may think is innocent also.

    If the Military sides with the people it is over, this is not the military this is similar to what we have now, a militarized police with military weaponry. My guess is the money. They know they lose the job if they side with the people.

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  28. Kevin says

    You mentioned the militarization of police in Ukraine. It is going on here, in the USA, too. Everybody is geared and armored up with SWAT weaponry. Not all of that is necessary for the routine of local police forces. But the budget and the claimed “need” for “homeland security” bulldozes a normal appraisal of risks and capacities. A national license plate database in the hands of the NSA? This from an entity (the Feds) that can’t run a website with $450,000,000 to develop it?

    I suspect the answer to your question about why the military/police in Ukraine are firing against the populace has to do with Stalin’s tactics with the predecessor to the KGB, the NKVD. Effective. Simple. Shoot the officers/soldiers who disobey the orders. Gulag their family.

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  29. coladmin says

    What a shame. There uprisings no joke. Our reporter in Ukraine told me that it is now civil war and tough for him to even shoot video in the surrounding towns. Where is Venezuela gonna end. With a coup and swap out ie; the arab spring.

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  30. coladmin says

    Yes understood that we are also militarizing, I have been seeing it for around 3 years. New motherland type annexes being built, new trucks all over the state roads, new agencies and so on. The questions is in a local protest would these militarized police turn against the citizens?
    I will bet that before people go to work for any of these agencies they probably think twice about the job first since they seem to be anti citizen. Or perhaps we are the point where they could care less.

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  31. Kevin says

    Venezuela and the rest of Latin America got by before tweetering with the grapevine. That ancient mechanism conveyed who was sleeping with, in love with, fighting with, ignoring, seducing, stealing from, helping, kissing, and everyother-ing you can conjure. It takes longer, but you get more than 140 letters.

    The problem for Venezuela is that its foreign reserves, necessary to purchase products from abroad, is shrinking quickly. That means more shortages of goods not produced in-country. Toilet paper is just the start. That means more rioting, with or without Tweets. But, Forward Socialismo hasta la victoria!

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  32. Coladmin says

    Foreign reserves? Don’t they have a thriving oil business that the government stole a while back and all the other business they nationalized like any other corrupt leftist government that wants to get huge and maintain control. I often think about what we will be nationalizing next and I believe since we already nationalized mainstream media, I also believe that social media is already in a strong hold. Perhaps healthcare next. So Venezuela government is taking all the money themselves? There must be big bucks coming in and not going out like much of SA.

    On a side note, here in Florida, there are t shirts, cars, hats, stickers that now say pray for VZLA. It amazes me how so many millions come to the northern money and never give a chit about it. I say pray for the USA.

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  33. Kevin says

    Venezuelan oil production is beset with these problems: they are behind on their export quotas to China; their oil resources and infrastructure are poorly managed, even wasted (many competent engineers departed for North Dakota and Canada, leaving the less competent); a good fraction of their exports are for social welfare, such as supplying Cuba’s oil needs at well below market prices and other problems. Plus the oil money is subject to the mordita. It is not a get out of jail card for Maduro. So I stand by my prediction: unrest in Venezuela will continue in the next 6 months. And if I am right Steve owes me a cerveza. Virtually, of course.

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  34. Mike(y) says

    Interesting that I caught a little bit of Greta Van Susteren talking with Florida Governor Rick Scott last night. He stated about the outcry by his citizens and their concerns for the ongoing violence in Venezuela. Although it probably fell on (very large) deaf ears, he said he challenged the president to do something about the struggles that are occurring there. Of course as has been previously stated, in the world stage, we could indeed be accused of meddling there. However that is nothing new to the US. Unfortunately, this administration seems to find a way to fumble the football everytime.

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  35. Coladmin says

    Kevin a cerveza is on me even after the uncooperative leaders are removed and replaced with leftists that cooperate with the euro world leaders. Just for kicks, take a look at the “we are Ukraine” video propaganda and look at the about section and it reveals who made it. That one got 15 million views in 3 weeks. (LOLOLOLOL) The leader of Ukraine is now wanted for murder of the killings of protesters( I couldn’t imagine any US protesters getting hurt or killed ever god forbid), so lets see how this plays out with an unhappy Russia. The plans is most likely Ukraine first, the VZLA later is my guess. It will probably grant all of VZLA the same asylum that Cuba currently has in place. I am currently reading about the downfall of Cuba, and how it occurred with timelines. Amazing similarities in comparison to today.

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  36. Kevin says

    I thought the conflict in Ukraine was that the western portion of the country wanted more economic/political ties to Europe while the eastern portion of the country wanted the same with Russia. Czechoslovakia separated after the fall of the Berlin Wall and communist USSR into the Czech Republic and Slovakia — bloodlessly. Ukraine can’t seem to do that, though the gas and oil pipelines through the country probably have something to do with that.

    As for Venezuela, I would make a smart-*** quip about sponsoring a Venezueliana but when they are being shot dead, we left the smart-*** quip zone.

    I trust this political talk will not scare young Mr. Mike(y) from venturing south. Colombia looks like an island of stability in comparison to Venezuela.

    And Mr. Mike(y), if you haven’t already, get to youtube or the DVD store and see “Killing Pablo.” The author of that book (turned into a documentary) also wrote Blackhawk Down. It is Colombia (and the US) closer up. An interesting take.

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  37. Mike(y) says

    Kevin, a couple things. I remember seeing the documentary on Pablo Escobar. I think either A&E or the History Channel ran it. Its been a while since it was on so I can recall it on Hulu. Blackhawk Down, my brother-in-law’s brother was a combat MP when that occurred and was there when it all went down. I got a first hand account of it. George Saytayana was not only foresighted when he made his statement about “Those who can’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” But he made this statement about government: “Rational government is an art, requiring the widest knowledge and the most perfect disinterestedness. It should be steady and traditional, yet open to continual readjustments with the natural shifts of customs, passions, and aspirations in the world. Reason cannot define or codify human nature: that is the error of militant sects and factions. But it can exercise a modicum of control over local and temporal impulses and keep at least an ideal of spiritual liberty and social justice before the public eye.”

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  38. Coladmin says

    Colombia is maintaining its stability aside from the regular irregularities from what I hear so hopefully Mikey has a great trip. On a side note I spoke with my friend Patrick this afternoon and things are going well with the wife I am happy to report, he says they are having the one issue of she wants a baby real bad and he explains that having a baby in the US requires much more and it might not be a good idea. It is an ongoing issue and I really hope it doesn’t snowball as I know with many it might. Aside from that she is adjusting well, learning and loving the history and heritage of the USA, learning fully English, respecting the individualistic cultures and the concept of saving money, understanding the cost of having children here in the states as opposed to DR and basically really assimilating so I was very happy for them.

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  39. Mike(y) says

    Oh boy! I was wondering if that was going to happen to Patrick and his bride. That old ‘biological time bomb’ is set to go off and his wife’s maternal & hormonal instincts are reaching a peak. This would be one caveat to bare in mind when finding a woman somewhat younger. It is inherently programmed into our genes to procreate. Snickers aside, we are not unlike any other living spieces on this earth. We happen to live a little longer than most. When there is a differential in age between a man and a woman, it makes this somewhat lopsided. Whereas the the woman’s biological peak occurrs long after the man has reached his peak and on the downside.
    My hope is that they are able to resolve their differences and maintain a loving relationship. But it can certainly make for some nasty arguements.
    BTW, I do not consider myself an expert in this field since my lack of opportunities to (ahem) procreate have drastically reduced themselves over the past year!

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  40. Coladmin says

    BTW, I do not consider myself an expert in this field since my lack of opportunities to (ahem) procreate have drastically reduced themselves over the past year! Funny as hell.
    Make that first trip and you will wonder why you didn’t do it 10 years ago.

    In his case, I don’t think it he cannot handle a kid. I do think that he knows far too well the ramifications of a failed marriage with kids. They really don’t have much age difference only about 18 years which is pretty normal for a guy in his 40’s or 50’s.

    Its a tough one but I know he won’t be convinced.

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  41. Mike(y) says

    I hate like hell whining about crap like this. But the mother of my son is having me go before the Domestic Relations Officer so she can collect APL. The certainty of my finances are in question. My lawyer feels we may be able to settle and avoid this but if I appear, it may be a loooooonnnngggg time until I recover enough to make the journey south! Let me be the first to tell you, it sux not getting any action!

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  42. coladmin says

    Worse thing about so many divorces with children today is the fact if they are young they grow up differently. They learn how single parent hood is just as good and never really see what a family is all about. Its one of the major downfalls on this planet today. How is a girl who grew up in a single home supposed to go out and know how to love when she never saw what love is? And the mom constantly snickers how screwed up men are to her or they watch the one sided court room rulings (since women are equal)
    Is it a natural instinct? Last night while out to dinner, I saw this chick with a t shirt that said 0 boyfriend or some crap like that. These bitches are proud of this.

    South America single parenthood is as normal as drinking water which is scary. They are able to do this because the non working family members can always assist in raising kids. The kids see love from one side, but rarely marriage love. As jobs deteriorate and middle class ends, this is becoming more common now here as well. Along with the incentive of cash per kid during tax season.

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  43. Mike(y) says

    I am fortunate that my son is 24. He is more mature than most kids his age. Throughout the divorce process, he has been there for me and I am very grateful. In regards to your thoughts about other family members raising the kids, that is the same scenario over in Europe. It was not unusual to find 3 generations sharing the same ‘flat’ building. The older people watch the very young kids whilst the parents went to work.

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  44. coladmin says

    “The older people watch the very young kids whilst the parents went to work.”

    Its good and real bad. Makes it easier to have kids without marriage, and it also makes it easier to have kids without responsibility. On the good side, when they go out on dates, they have someone to watch the kids free.

    You are fortunate that your son is 24. I wasn’t so lucky in that scenario. Now if I have more kids, I will have learned how badly single parenthood affects them, no discipline and much more. True story, Insurance companies are now looking at parents, higher rates for those with single parents. Imagine that.

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  45. Coladmin says

    Not to get off subject but look what’s brewing and worse is who we have in charge. Kerry for starters, it just leaves one very uncomfortable feeling knowing people like this are making decisions for all of us… Yikes. Pray for USA.

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  46. Kevin says

    These are the people who think they are smart, knowing more than their “stupid” opponents. Then the reality of statecraft faces them, and they buckle. Putin is on the march. Well done boys.

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  47. Coladmin says

    Don’t quote me on this but I believe the oil and gas to Russia goes through a certain part of Ukraine. You’re Putin what do you do? Would you let these sick bastards in America make the decision to take that away? This is crazy. These people are supposedly anti war and with the moves they make they will get us into WWIII with a military half the size. Kerry, O and the French peppy le pew at talks behind the scenes in a Picasso style dinner tent. WTF

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  48. Mike(y) says

    Kevin is correct. I remember them having problems a few years back and Mother Russia slamming the door on the gas pipeline. The US, due largely to the current administration, is nothing a eunoch when it comes to foreign affairs. Our ‘red line’ strategy is lafable.
    Remember to vote early and vote often

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  49. Coladmin says

    You guys are right, however they did make some recent moves and discovered new gas fracking opportunities. Over the last year Ukraine signed deals with both Chevron and Shell allowing both companies to begin exploratory drilling in preparation to start full scale fracking. Additionally, the country owes billions of dollars to GAZPROM, Russia’s oil and gas company.We see two shale gas regions in the Ukraine, in the East and in the West. The Western formation stretches from Romania (which I’ve been reporting on recently) and into Poland. While researching this earlier, I’d learned that the Western oil companies had been in Poland trying to exploit those same resources, but since left because Poland wanted to institute higher royalties than Exxon/Chevron/etc were willing to pay.

    – See more at: http://www.longtailpipe.com/2014/02/ukraines-revolution-stems-from.html#sthash.1J5mgg1N.dpuf

    This is in addition to Ukraine having massive pipage of Russia going through. So again, would you allow these dipshits, never ever worked a day in their lives idiots to make decisions on a huge part of your everyday livelihood (as the passive citizenry does)? Russia will never let that happen. Buckle up guys, this is just the beginning. These idiots we have in Washington think they know culture, they think they know more than all the stupid citizenry, they think they know surveillance on mass scales. When in reality all they know is how to change laws for big business and I might add experts in turning first world nations into banana republics. Just imagine a war with these in charge how screwed we would be.

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  50. Mike(y) says

    Kevin, to be honest with you, I never asked him. I will next time I see him. He lives down in FL now. He was a combat MP and seemed to be where the shit was. Once he was on patrol in an abondoned town in Saudia Arabia, during the first Gulf war. He saw a phone booth, contacted the international operator and called his wife. Here she was watching it on TV!!
    I thought the Ukraine was attaining some sort of energy independance but not all the way there. Its going to be tough. I know there is quite a few there that hold steadfast with Mother Russia. Support for the opposition is going to be sporadic. Those folks in that part of the world do not play by the Marquis of Queensbury rules!

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  51. Coladmin says

    Yeah, I know, I am currently in the third world and its getting much worse fast. My problem is the not assimilating is all. This place is completely trashed and ruined, we now have mopeds on 60 mile per hour roads stopping traffic and the cops do shit. The driving sucks ass and I have driven in the worst places in the world. Be patient Mike, this is coming to a city near you too. Florida cannot hold everyone. This was the biggest task of this administration to completely destroy the USA IMO. Read the communist doctrine online and look at one of the top priorities is to de-stabilize a country with massive influx. Every single Venezuelan my friends talk to at the malls or wherever hate and speak badly of Americans. We now have that flag all over the place and SOS Venezuela. What do you think of the states that want to sucede from this? I used to have a place in Miami, Miami is nothing in comparison to what Orlando is today. When I lived in Colombia, I used to love coming home to USA to escape all the shit driving, line cutting, staring at girlfriends, stealing and so on. So much for a once great amazing country.

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  52. Mike(y) says

    I don’t know how old you are but if you can recall the Muriel Flotilla back from the 70’s, a lot of them were housed at Fort Indiantown Gap, PA just about an hour away from here. Many stayed in the area. The city of Sunbury, has a ‘low-income’ housing project. It was once home to friends of mine from high school who’s families got lost during the 70’s job crunch. Now it is comprised of an entirely Latino population! Lancaster, the shining citadel of the Amish, has damn near more people of Latin decent than they do Amish farmers! So I can sympathize with your plight, although many around here do not travel on the mopeds. Its usually the decked out ‘nacho slingers’!

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  53. Coladmin says

    Understood and I also want to be clear about the fact that its not about the latino population at all. In fact ironically, I have some very good female friends that moved here from Venezuela over 14 years ago as young girls and have fully assimilated and absolutely despise what is going on today. My one friend a professional engineer told me around 2 months ago that she came here to get away from caracas and now it came to her years later. She is currently looking to transfer and she is Latina. So this has absolutely nothing to do with that.

    An example: Mike(y) goes to Colombia and marries a wife brings her back. She will be around you and learn the heritage, the language ect ect. However, when 1 million Colombians or Argentinians or Venezuelans come at once, most don’t even talk with Americans, they don’t care about the language, the country or anything for that matter and it becomes a long distance love affair for them, live here for the cash, hate the USA and love the real home. Far different from our grandparents or what people use as examples today to what this G is doing to wreck this country. You are right I was not around in the 70’s to see that, but I am familiar with what used to happen and what happens today and it is 100% different and soon enough you will see and understand what I mean as will the rest of the country. back in the past when people came to America from Cuba or from wherever, they embraced this country, they made it home, they made friends with other cultures and everyone was happy. If you were ever going to use the saying night and day, this is it. Also be very prepared for Chavez style voting very soon, it was not a mistake.

    The leftists just like they use the race card, also love to use the past as examples. TO see exactly what happens with this, please look at the Eurocentric countries, France, Italy, Spain and Germany and all and see what North Africans and others have done there. See how everyone assimilated or took over. See how the streets are filled with praying and how they are trying to force their law on the schools ect. They are in so much deep shit, they don’t know how to get out. Millions upon millions out of work, crime rates, lawless, un documented working, and the list goes on and on.

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  54. Mike(y) says

    I don’t have anything against Latinos myself. I was just serving that up since I thought it was the closest thing that was analogous to what you were describing. I hope what you are describing is a minority. If not, why would they leave their country when the government of their favor was in power? But you do make an intersting point. I guess the US was the last bastian of that measure. I remember making a service call to Pratt & Whitney in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I was stricken by the fact that a large employment faction and population of the city was of Egyptian descent! I remember going to Italy and France. There weren’t too many foreigners living there in the mid 80’s.

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  55. Coladmin says

    When did you see that in Montreal? The ruining of western Europe started about 15 years ago, for that reason we the USA were able to look and see that it completely failed. However this regime and the Apollo alliance wants nothing more than the same. Also don’t take my word for it, it is widely publicized and is no secret. Youtube has thousands of videos with an array of the different problems brought by illegals and alike. Friends of mine in NY don’t believe that Orlando is no longer English, that almost no jobs can be had without speaking Spanish. It really isn’t fair for those who lived in Florida all their lives and do not know Spanish and are forced to leave. Imagine senior citizens suddenly forced to leave for various reasons. Imagine previous immigrants leaving to get away from what they left originally. Personally, I am OK, nobody loves Latina women more than me and I speak fluent Spanish and also lived in the culture for many years. While the things like driving deteriorate and jobs are all gone, I do understand the problems facing fellow Americans. Kevin states that most things are not sustainable and will have to return to normal. The West is all over and those that refuse to see it will get hit the hardest. This is no longer a game of politics where 8 years passes and the new G changes things back. What’s going on now is a destruction process that is irrevocable.

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  56. Coladmin says

    ” If not, why would they leave their country when the government of their favor was in power?” Mike(y) it is widely publicized internationally and known internationally that the US is Christmas every month. The dollar being as low as it is helps also. If you and millions of other Americans go to Colombia knowing that Colombia will be the USA soon enough and just another city, why not go?

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  57. Mike(y) says

    Coladmin, this was around 1990~91 that I was there. I used to there so much I had my own coffee mug in the customs office, where I was on a first name basis with the staff. My last trip there I had to skedaddle pretty quick. P&W was ready to go on strike. Being that alot of the employees were from ‘other parts of the world’ they were anticipating a brutal uprising. I packed my tools and flew south. I was quite surprised at the number of foreign nationals working for a company that did a lot of DoD contracts, (which was part of the reason I was there). I tend to agree with Kevin, I think the VZ’s that despise us will return home once things settle there. Even with everything that has gone down in Venezuela, I still break a smile thinking about the ladies in Caracas;>)

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  58. Coladmin says

    I never had the chance to go to Montreal but I had this playboy model girlfriend from Quebec city for a couple years that I met in Florida. Loads of beautiful women from what I can tell.

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  59. Mike(y) says

    Thanks Boss! It has been one hectic week. I will know by the end of this month when I can begin to make my “un-inhibitted male” travel plans. Its funny. I sit here, the day before my 53 birthday, waxing poetically about how one can place a dollar figure on 25 years of marriage. Minus lawyer fees, tags, title and taxes. Sorry, I just need a small corner to vent in since this has become very overwhelming for me.

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  60. Kevin says


    “tags, title and taxes”

    You left out depreciation, and if it was a sports car, sedan or SUV.

    But at least you are heading down the road.

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  61. Coladmin says

    I could imagine the venting with this Mike. Don’t vent too much, life is too short. Go and enjoy the South American lifestyle. I was paying my cell phone bill in person and a super nice Mexican girl that I always speak too when paying. She spoke to me for about 20 minutes on how screwed things are. She said her church said that more churches are closing then ever, she said she didn’t understand how this is all happening, saying that even here all the corruption. So I told her to read about “open society” agenda and start with Soros non profits and soon she will understand why this great country is becoming the same as what she left.

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  62. Mike(y) says

    Yeah, I left out depreciation. She gets the mine and I get the shaft!!!! You know Coladmin, a few years ago, one would refer to this as the NWO, or New World Order. I don’t hear that being branded about as much. Social change and acceptance has been a way of life over in Europe and in Central and South America. The Slovak region along with France and Greece which have the only socialistic style government without it being communism. Nicaragua, I think Bolivia is going in that direction in this hemisphere. It won’t end until people rise up against it. In the US, the pendulum generally swings from one side to the other. Unfortunately, it usually swings farther with each passing. If one can recall the Moral Majority and Jerry Falwell. I lived in Lynchburg, VA at the time and knew some of Jerry’s relatives. And they despised him, (his uncle was in the same radio affiliation as me. Nice man but he didn’t have a kind word to say about his nephew!). He was also a hypocrite when it came to money. The left use that against the right and we are seeing the of how the seeds of tyranny were sown and growing. Those of us need to rise up against this storm and take a brush hog through these leftist/socialist weeds, but hold those in power to do the job and not some hyper-agenda! Wow! I said too much. I guess the NSA will be looking at me with a microscope!

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  63. Coladmin says

    I am not so sure how much France, Germany and other accepted it like us. I read that while Soros paid millions to defeat Bush and did not he was already in the works in Europe bringing on social change. You remember our discussion on English language a little while back? His non profits claim that immigrants shouldn’t have to change language and that it might be “inconvenient for Americans”, imagine that chit. Western Europe has a 10 year head start on us and like I said they are so badly in trouble now, the people are crying everyday(all of what we built gone in 10 years), they were forced to accept it just as we are with the leftist governments wanting open society. it is just not publicized for us to see but thankfully our only freedom is the internet when they do not censor it with 50 non profits and comment employees(see Huff or some right sites comments). For that reason there is a huge uprising of far right groups throughout Europe as they feel the only balance to this tyranny is Nazism. My guess, like here is the only acceptance is the foolish youth that got brainwashed via the leftist systems, media and TV. See Apollo alliance, Apollo global. It’s almost like the perfect storm for this massive agenda. All we have to do is look at France or Germany over the last 10 years in order to see each move coming.

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  64. Mike(y) says

    I thought I would let the dust settle a little bit. Hopefully with the current politcal trend this mid-term, and hopes that it carries inertia into the presidential election, we can fend off that wave of socialism. We can see how it is tuned to global events. The easiest example of socialism is a bee hive. They are socialistic creatures when you get down to it. It takes one small virus or aggresive bacterium to render the hive completely useless or dead! It is happening now. Honey bee hives are being decimated at an alarming rate. Same can be said for socialism or a collective like the EU. They are only as strong as their weakest link. We saw that happen with the collapse of the Greecian economy. From there, it went through the rest of Europe like an unchecked brush fire. Germany is the only glue strong enough, (they have the strongest economy)to keep them together. But in light of recent events, that will weaken like super glue immersed in acetone.

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