I Love My Wife

Love-WifeThere are some things that we see far less often in today’s society then what we used to see and every now then when I see something with strong values as history shows we had it makes you realize that we weren’t always like this. It was this past week that I driving my Cadillac DTS and while in traffic I get a strong fuel smell coming up into the car so I get home and research the issue and sure enough it is a fuel rail which I will fix but at the same time I felt it was time for a change of car anyways. In any event, I narrow down what I want and decide on another big American classic, the last of them I might add. Call me sentimental but I just have a thing for American luxury with V8’s.

I call a guy I know in the South Florida area that deals with those and sure enough he has what I want and will wholesale it to me. I ask him a few questions and get the guys name that owned and bought it new. I did some research and was happy to see the guy was an older family man of faith and took the car in at every chance to have it maintained perfectly. I called my guy in South Florida, have him arrange transport for that evening and it’s a done deal. The transporter calls me and tells me around midnight to be at the auction to pick it up. I wait and he arrives at 1am, I was pleasantly surprised as the car appears like new and seems just as the wholesaler told me. One small thing I notice is a sticker on the back which is very unusual, especially the fact it is right in the middle of the back it says “I love my wife” I thought how rare is that, this guy must really love his wife. I know allot of people really love their wives but it is rare to see someone advertise it so loudly in this day and age. My only thought was that this was his anti feminist, anti new agenda rant, basically telling them fuck you, i’ll keep my nuclear family.

Who deserves an I love my wife sticker like this?

I immediately thought about several things. First off aside from thinking how awesome it was that couples still exist that have a deep ever lasting love for one another and the ability to do such a thing. Secondly I thought how many Colombian girlfriends or fiances I had were actually worthy of this type of sticker. At the time did they seem worthy, absolutely yes, but in reality were they worthy? Not a chance. In fact I thought about how it would be to turn the table around and how many of those exes would put and advertise so loudly a sticker that said I love my husband and the answer would be a clear no, not one. If you haven’t learned by now, they always leave that door wide open all the way up to when they secure a new man.

It’s strange that even the one girl that you think is that one that would gladly advertise with a sticker such as that, would in reality dump you like a piece of shit upon someone else coming around. It just doesn’t seem like true love, it seems more like a disposable type of infatuation that is great in the beginning but when some unseen circumstances arise or pure selfishness enters the building the guy that would put this sticker is just dumped and dumbfounded. Two to three weeks later, you will find her with her new compulsive so called love on the social media. She may even look for you and tell you right to your face that she is now with someone else and basically fuck you for no solid reason. Truth is upon request she may be willing to spend some alone time with you on your next flight over still, but really who want’s that? Do you really want to waste even a minute with a girl that is getting banged every night with someone else that she “loves” now. No thanks.

Does true love really exist or can be found anymore?

So the time has come you ask her for marriage and she accepts immediately. Did you ever think to yourself she may not feel that same love you do? Could this be a simple “marriage experience” or is it really true love that will really last forever? Will the promise at the alter be broken? Will she take the advice of family members to leave you for someone local? They might be a hot commodity and making the decision to leave you alone might not be as hard as you thinking how whacked it would be to leave her alone.

Bottom line is that despite all the agendas going on, despite the outright war against family and values, despite lawyers pushing women to make that cash from a divorce on media daily I am convinced true love does still exist and stickers like this are a confirmation that it really does.


  1. Steve_Tampa says

    I do not see where new topics are created…

    But “Orlando Florida Bust to Boom” is a topic…….absoluely exploding with Colombians and foreign money coming in. In 2006 it as the epicenter of recession housing crisis….then the Latins went in hand over fist…and foriegn visitors to the PArks went to new records because of the dolalr, and also how well the South Smerican countries were doing the the oposite of the US recession.
    Now the foothold is so strong…it will one of the top Latin populations in the US…within a few years. South Florida gets the super rich Latins , but now in Orland the LAtns cn get a job in one day with the boom…hotels and tourism.
    COPA now flys out of ORD. just another sign.

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  2. Mikey says

    Very interesting. It made me think of a scenario that happened about 2 years ago. I am an avid golfer, (note: I said avid, not good). About 2 years ago, my wife gets me a magnetic ball marker, (those fake coins about the size of a nickel), that says, “I ♥ My Wife” on it. I never used it other than having it prominently displayed in such a way that I would see it and smile whenever I got something other than my clubs out of my bag. Its funny that it is no longer displayed like that. It sits in the bottom of my golf bag now. Maybe someday I will get a chance to use it again………….

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  3. Coladmin says

    I took off the topics thing for a while as few people were posting. Being in Orlando, I am not sure I agree. While outlet mall retail is doing OK and Disney might also be doing ok. The businesses that drive America are suffering. Small businesses that employ less employees are what America thrives on driving over 65% of the economy. Many many landmark business have closed their doors in the recent years in Orlando. Many more are greatly suffering. Crime has increased heavily in the last 6 years in Orlando. Certain places that were safe to walk at night are no longer safe at all. Some will say thats just the business cycle, or those businesses are old now and new updated ones are needed. The restaurant industry in Orlando is absolutely devastated. Maison Jardin enjoyed over 30 years and last week closed its doors, Outback is dead where lines used to be an hour long on a Monday, Olive Garden is dead and used to be packed, Dennys has closed several locations, used car business is dead, auctions have laid off thousands of employees in the last year, Blockbuster has closed, repo business dead, auto mechanic shops are closing left and right and the list goes on and on. Very few industries will sustain. You are right though with malls, clothing brands in orlando. I have recently read that malls nationwide are closing one after another. How is Tampa doing where you are at?

    It is a very sad situation that a little S.A. brand buying helps but can no way save.

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  4. Mikey says

    Funny, I know some of those places in the Tampa area since I visited there a little while ago. I wonder how Skipper’s Smokehouse off of Nebraska Ave. is doing. That has got to have been Tampa’s greatest undisclosed secret. Real good food and I was there to enjoy some good family entertainment as a band was playing in the outdoor stage. It looked like a dive from the outside but I thought everything about it was awesome!

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  5. Coladmin says

    Sounds like Malios which also has live entertainment. Tampa has some awesome places, especially restaurants. I remember this place called “Nude” that was or is still a Tapas Spanish guitar restaurant. Great place to take a date and the flagship Charlies and Shula restaurants are there as well as tons of other super cool places. After hours Jazz club called the Foxhole.

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  6. Coladmin says

    Steve, I put up a forum on the menu. It says guest topics so now anyone can register and make a topic of their choice if they want. It should work fine.

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  7. Steve_Tampa says

    My point of reference on Orlando has ben newspapers and business journals. But yes, the article were about parks setting all timr records two years in a row.
    Also UCF has a huge new campus, with a huge student base, many ae foreign.
    NW quadrant, Lake Mary area, is high tech boom.
    Also thousands of large hotels and the still e booked.
    The JetBlue flight back from BOG t ORD was full of Colombians ready for vacation in Orlando. Sat next to a group of 30 somethings Colombians, who excited like little kids.

    Tampa is doing well, professional job listings are higher then have seen in 5 years.
    Housing all picked though now, big shortgae of house for sale, Only $280k and above has inventory or sale, for something decent.
    COPA will now fly out of TPA starting in December, daily flights to Colombia, via Panama connection.

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  8. Mikey says

    Back to the topic of this post. I neglected to read the bottom of the bumper sticker, “Promise Keepers.” Now, I am not an overtly over religious person who thumps the bible at every turn. I do believe in a higher entity. Having said that, my brother-in-law, (who I still remain good friends with both him and his wife), is a Promise Keeper and attended the congregation in Washington DC several years ago. You can’t help but like what they are trying to say. Mostly it is time for married men to step up and become responsible for the vows that you took. Love and protect your wife and family. Be true to these principles. I guess the late great Brian Piccolo said it best: “God is first, my family is second, and I am third!”

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  9. Coladmin says

    Totally agree with that but to say it is booming is off. In fact I heard recently somewhere that Orlando is considered the minimum wage capital or something like that. Bottom line is Orlando will become 3rd world much faster than a place like NY, due to a much smaller professional base. While the direction is inevitable, my only hope for Orlando is that like any other third world country that real estate will also thrive. The country as a whole is in a downward spiral that can’t be denied or disputed, but we feel it less because big business will thrive in most instances. Perhaps this is the calm before the storm. I see that daily as well with many South Americans happy to be visiting, very nice.

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  10. Coladmin says

    Same here. I didn’t even notice the Promise keepers below. Needless to say the sticker is off and I was happy to see the sticker. Too bad we don’t see more of them.

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  11. Steve in Tampa says

    (5) to a household , each earning $8.50 an hour…….$42.50 an hour.
    Same as a professional engineer , who has a stay at home wife.

    Large households, typical of Latins, usually have 3 or 4 cars in the driveway or the street in front of the house.

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  12. Coladmin says

    Not to veer to much off topic but I have just got some of those brand new hundreds and everytime I look all I can see is a peso. What’s up with that vertical 100 on the side?

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