Marriage Fraud, Scams and Danger

A girl that performs oral sex and spread her legs everyday to a man that she knows she will later falsely charge with abuse is worse than a prostitute, it takes a real animal to do this type of thing and the crazy thing is for U.S. papers alot of these animals surface. Colombia is highly unlikely but in this world pigs are everywhere. Although most of these scams surface from Eastern Europe, North Africa and Asia. Like me, some of you might have considered meeting some Russian, Ukraine or even Asian women to find a possible wife. I will do a separate post on certain parts of Asia since some of the personalities and traits vary greatly.

When I first realized that I wanted to look abroad for a foreign wife, Russian women came to mind, why not? They, well alot are thin, tall, beautiful and very sexually appealing. Thankfully, even in my early 20s I did my research and quickly realized that Eastern European women were not worth the risks. Eastern Europe is the haven for these scams, with North Africa and Asia coming in shortly behind. No matter where you are seeking the following information is super important to know, even though Colombia is not known at all for this sort of thing, there surely are some that may have this bad blood. I am sure that those who have been through this fraud deal have completely changed their minds in regards to any foreign woman at all and with reason. A scam like this can be life changing and their is little the American can do. Also keep in mind America is not the only place this goes on, also the UK, Canada among other countries.

The typical scenario

Finding an American (any American will do, but the richer the better of course)

Getting married as soon as possible

After marriage, start getting access to the husband’s bank accounts and credit cards. The lady may demand her own bank account (so she could later move money from family or savings account into her own), or that those valuables were moved completely under her name, or that she was given her own car and apartment or house.

Building a network of other immigrants in the area. That is usually accompanied by telling them tales of abuse, neglect and sufferings (those friends will serve as witnesses later on)

She might start looking for a local US boyfriend whose financial support she can depend on once she out of the marriage relationship (optional)

Once the change of status petition is filed with the INS, the nastier part of the plan is put into action. It will usually include

Escalation of incidences of aggression (verbal or physical) on her part toward the husband or his children, which might provoke the husband to become verbally or physically aggressive in response.

May include sharp escalation of demands for full financial autonomy from the husband, or periods of unexplained absences from home

Most of the time this part of the plan includes staging a “confrontation” incident (may include physically assaulting the husband, yelling very loud to attract attention of the neighbors, creating self-inflicted scratches and bruises; staging a “confrontation” scene by overturning furniture, and calling 911.)

Getting police on the scene and they will not even try to listen to the guys situation or that the story is bullshit. I don’t know if it is lack of investigation experience or it is just automatic that the guy is at fault, whatever it is, it’s a shame.

Getting the husband arrested on domestic violence charges.

Getting any “evidence” of abuse documented (scratches and bruises photographed)

Checking in to a women’s shelter before the husband gets out of jail, although normally the husband will have to find another place to live and just be given 2 hours to gather all his stuff with a cop by appointment after jail release.

Telling everyone in the women shelter stories of life threats, abuse, intimidation, fear of calling police, etc.

Enlisting the shelter’s help or the bleeding hearts that believe this pig in getting a protective warrant against the husband.

Enlisting the shelter’s or friends help in getting legal advice with the criminal charges against the husband.

After the police report is filed, the woman then files a petition with INS to continue with the greencard paperwork in a new status of battered wife.

Once that petition is approved, she will probably be entitled to some welfare from the state.

Problems these street pigs cause for all of us Americans:

  • These newly arrived immigrants are getting welfare or social service benefits at the taxpayers’ expense. To get these they need only to make the claim of abuse to the INS (USCIS). They then receive these benefits while their application forms (I-360) are being processed. This can take many months.
  • They get United States Citizenship at an accelerated rate. The fraud they commit, which is a Federal felony, is rewarded at a faster rate than those immigrants who adhere to the law.
  • The INS’ system of accepting the “evidence” of abuse only from the petitioner as well as their lack of a system to receive “the other side of the story” from the accused plus there being no hearing with either party seems to indicate their wish to wink these cases through… Why? Possibly to avoid a time consuming and costly appeal process through the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR), the immigration courts.
  • American woman are now being targeted with marriage fraud and with it, it’s false abuse charges. The INS is gender neutral about this and grants foreign men Legal Permanent Residency (LPR) status or a “Green Card” and eventual US citizenship because these men claim that their American wives abused and beat them.
  • Many INS personnel are sympathetic to American men and women caught in these situations but are powerless to help them. As of 1996 all spousal abuse petitions are handled by the Vermont Service Center. The local INS service centers that are in the position to hear both sides of the case and receive evidence from both the accuser and the accused are kept out of the process by the V.S.C. and directives from Arlington, Virginia. Under directives they are required to send the permanent files of the petitioner to the V.S.C. This effectively ends their involvement with the petitioner in regard to these abuse claims.
  • By INS directives, the accused is NOT permitted to find out what claims the petitioner has made against him. Nor is he permitted to be a witness at her trial if she has one. The accused is given no opportunity to defend himself against her charges to the INS.
  • The accused, a United States citizen is labeled “The Abuser” by the immigrant spouse in her or his INS petition and this is put into Federal files and INS computers permanently .

Some similar cases include:

David Brannon, a 46-year-old project manager at a telecommunications firm in McLean, Va., says he met a Russian woman named Elena Neroda through an online dating service in 2005. After several months of e-mails and phone calls, Brannon traveled to her hometown of Rostov-on-Don to propose. Soon after, Elena moved to the United States on a fiance visa, and the couple was married in a civil ceremony. “At the time I was really sure of myself, really sure of her,” Brannon says. “I really felt I had met my soul mate.”

Brannon says he was sent reeling when, in April 2007, Elena filed for a temporary restraining order, alleging that he had threatened and pushed her. The restraining order was dismissed due to insufficient evidence eight days later, but the ordeal still cost Brannon thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Brannon says he was a victim of a provision in VAWA that allows battered immigrant women and men to receive green cards and other benefits. He believes Elena never loved him at all and that she had planned to accuse him of domestic abuse from the first moment they made contact online.

While this article claims it’s less frequently fraudulent, I totally disagree, I believe that at least 8 out of 10 times, the allegations are false and these woman are trained, knowing the whole plan from day 1 and have enough greed and ambition to do whatever it takes to get the green card.




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