The Novelty Factor from a Colombian Girls View

After having a small dinner and a few drinks with some friends last night at my house, I asked two of them, one from Colombia and another from Morocco if they understood what we call the novelty factor which they didn’t until I further explained.

You know when an American or someone from another foreign country shows up in Colombia the girls will give him preferential treatment and usually go out of their way to please him or easily date him quickly among other things.

Immediately she made a pfffss sound and said, yes it used to be like that. She said but has not been for a while, so I asked why and she said well now we know how they are, that is gone. They come to our country for sex but yet, do not want to have sex with the prostitutes but find good girls to have sex with and leave. So it was after that many years of this that the novelty factor is gone. The families begin to hate Americans passing through. The media does not help and blames the entire sex tourism thing on Americans which is completely false. Simply proven that prostitution flourishes in cities of Colombia where no foreigners go. Those places are filled daily with locals as foreigners as stated do not even need to go to those places set up on many corners throughout the cities.

The Moroccan jumps in and said, most of the foreigners that go to Morocco from Europe or the Middle east are disgusting trying to meet with school girls and under aged girls and boys for there pleasure. They take advantage of our country and travel just for that. I jump in and ask doesn’t Morocco have prostitutes everywhere for this, she says yes but they also try and feed off of the innocent girls which made us see them much differently. She further stated that she hates these men and noted which countries the men were the worst.

They both noted that their are exceptions to this but very few as one of them has a sister who married a foreign guy from Europe.

It seems to me that the novelty factor is long gone worldwide and may have caused some turbulence and hatred along the way further making it more difficult for the good men to find good wives. Even when these cities are full of prostitutes, they love to play the blame game and blame it all on the traveler as their culture cannot do wrong.


  1. Coladmin says

    I guess you can say our novelty factor towards the women wore off first when we realized that a large majority had no interest in serious relationships, only mucho plata . In essence why give up the physical factors in Colombia while there.

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  2. Mike(y) says

    I guess on one of my long breaks I will have to join you for dinner. It is obvious that you have some ‘intriguing’ company and I bet I would enjoy the conversation. Anyway, this is a trend or a fad. And like all fads, they will fade. Foreign countries need to be careful not to bite the hand that feeds them. Any hatred or animosity toward those people will result in a rapid boycott and withdrawl of investments. Case in point: The citizenry of The Phillipines for years complained of the US Air Force and Navy being there. They got tired of their presence to the point that their politicians campaigned on chasing them out. The US did them one better by closing their major facilities there. This not only had impact on the citizens that were employed at the bases, but it trickled down to the prostitutes, the bars, restaurants,etc. Now they crave for the bygone days when sailors and airmen freely spent their paychecks there.

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  3. Coladmin says

    Hillarious how you include prostitution into an economy but when you think of it, it really is. Just as now, the cam girls are spending big bucks at the malls, new apartments, furniture, cars, fuel and so on.

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