Is December a Good Time to Visit Colombia?

Before I started traveling to Colombia, I used to think that what better time to go than December, I mean for me it was the perfect time to get away most of my clients were away at this time so it was a free enough time to spend a couple of weeks away at least. For me to go these days I really prefer at least a couple of weeks minimum as the long weekends kind of suck after a while. They work but when you get used to it you’ll find they are just not enough solid time to spend. In fact after a few trips you start thinking how you can make the next one a whole month or longer.

It’s funny how the last time I was living in Pereira one time only did I see a gringo, and this guy looked like he got so addicted to it that he ended up staying in the streets. I mean this guy looked dead broke, what appeared to be dirty clothes. He might have been staying at one of the centro hostels that run around 7 dollars a night. Then I was thinking maybe this gringo just got out of the Pereira prison system after serving 4 years for attempting to traffic a little something. Who knows but it was a real rare moment.

The truth of the matter is if you want to meet someone while over there it couldn’t be a worst time to go. Reason being is that most Colombians will either be away in fincas, other cities or just home with family visiting from other areas. The local places are alot slower than usual this time of year and if you do find a date there is a higher chance of cancellation during this time with the risk of not finding another date due to everything being so family oriented. Not to say you wont hook up, but your chances are reduced by at least 50%. Some areas appear to be like ghost towns during this time of year.

The holiday time in Colombia is great when you have a girlfriend or wife over there and you can spend it with her and the family, then it’s totally recommended. It’s a time to really get to know the culture, check out the lights on La Playa in Medellin, or the lighting over the river in Poblado. Attend all the parties on the block of your woman’s house. Eat some Natilla that will come from family and friends during the whole month usually. Natilla is a custard type thing and each one has a different flavor, some come with raisins, some come plain, but they are an awesome dessert dish. It’s a time strictly for family up until around January 6th everyone starts coming home.

New years eve is pretty cool and the places are packed, I usually ended up spending those on block parties in the barrios also. They would cook fresh pork and have continual plates passed down the line throughout the night. Bottles of aguardiente flowing from the local liquor tienda on that very same block for shots and a dj right outside one of the houses, usually someone that lives right there in the neighborhood. A constant flow of local girls dancing in the streets and having a blast. I have also been out to the clubs on New Years eve and getting a taxi can literally take all night. If you can, much better to enjoy in your Colombian girlfriends home barrio.

Basically my recommendations for any new Colombia travelers is to stay away during the December holidays as it may turn out to be a real disappointment if your goal is to find someone worth while.