Trust in Long Term Relationships Diminishing

Suddenly reports of trust issues among Americans is beginning to arise which in all honesty could be seen a mile away. Even the big government taint licking media and news reports that only one in three Americans trust one another, but they were sure to add that this is not a big institution thing. It makes you wonder what the sick bastards will use this to implement soon enough.  Always a reason to implement something against freedom.

The truth is that with 6 years of being lied to day in and day out, not even with good lies with lies that are just ridiculous almost like a slap in the face an insult to ones intelligence. In fact I couldn’t believe these three Silicon Valley guys building the healthcare website alternative as if the original build was actually really a screw up, come on guys are you serious?

The constant lies along with the new co-mingling among other cultures with zero trust factors among themselves, the unfair corrupt advantages that big business has over the little guy,  what do you think? Trust levels among Americans to stay outstandingly high? Could never happen. What we are witnessing is a historic change that will never ever change back no matter who we elect, no matter what changes we make, no matter what is done in the future. The damage is done and no damage control can even begin to fix this massive brain hemorrhage. America might  be known as the great country it once was. They say to not chase the past, but honestly if this type of shit is all you have to look forward to, going through the 90’s was amazing in comparison and I am glad I got to experience it without some demented fuckhead telling me what I have to eat.

Foreign women trusting American men

Oddly enough not like before but still a high abundance of foreign women seeking American men for marriage. They seek American men for a variety of reasons and a big one is trust. They hear that they can trust American men to cheat much less then their current choices or they can trust that American men will be able to manage a family financially. Much of these thoughts are compulsive from women that were recently screwed over by a cheating boyfriend so they immediately say, no more, I have to find an American or a European that will less likely cheat and they put up a profile and even if they get back with the cheating boyfriend the temptation of getting 50 plus letters a day is far to strong to resist so it stays on.

Do you really need trust to get engaged or do you roll the dice? In today’s world trust may be diminishing but you have to trust your wife. If trust completely falls which it will, how many men will elect to not even try since there will be no trust factors left. All he will think is this must be scam. It’s bad now how it is, with all kind of motives. It forces us to work ten times harder to make sure we did all we can to even get engaged.

While living in Colombia, even when living with my girlfriend long term, the amount of time she goes home to mom it seems as though it just isn’t enough time together to fully trust her. I know, all the guys out there thinking how they lived with their women in Colombia and absolutely trust her, it reminds me of all the people that drink the cool-aid here. Perhaps it’s the healthier route to go, just believe what she feeds you and be happy with even that. Do not think of the ramifications that may be coming soon. Or do we have insurance for such a thing? A prenuptial agreement may guard your assets, but it will not help in alimony and further.

Where do we go as trust continues to diminish.



  1. Mike(y) says

    Well, I let this soak in for a while. I can certainly understand why trust is lacking in long-distance relationships, as well as other matters. Set aside the broken promises of the current political administration, but the persona put out there by studios, (since Hollywood is no longer the major film producer it once was), is clearly demonstrative of people getting screwed over by their boss, wife, job, (insert unfavored pronoun here), etc. It is so easy to highlight the ‘screwer’ instead of the ‘screwee.’ Very seldomly do we see uplifting entertainment. Movies like “Its A Wonderful Life” are few and far between. Although that movie promotes that life is not fair, the main character wins in the end. So with this kind of culture being promoted, it is clearly understandable why there is a lack of trust. Of course, after being ‘raked’ by my wife, my ‘trust account’ is certainly depleted of funds, (no promotion to Stephen Covey intended).

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  2. says

    Very true, the divorce attorney’s don’t help much. I was driving home one morning and while flipping through stations I came across this guy named Clark Howard who said he was shocked that trust levels have dropped so badly(in the recent years) and that he didn’t understand why. I thought, he must be joking.

    I believe it began with the American public when large businesses no longer offered customer service and started seeking ways to rob the American people ie:bank fee’s, no longer listening to complaints and from there the corruption that makes most of us sick. While we want to trust a little, especially those of us that grew up in a more trusting society these things combined begin to change the culture.

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